The first-ever ‘Tinship’ – a $6,000 scholarship funded by Burien’s Tin Room Bar & Theater – was recently awarded to Osmat Shamdeen, a senior at Mount Rainier High School: IMG_0751 (4) The award was presented at the Highline Schools Foundation’s recent ‘Gold Star Awards’ breakfast. As we previously reported, the ‘Tinship’ is a new, annual scholarship given to a Highline Public Schools graduating senior. “We want this scholarship to be a way to celebrate what the Hi-Line Tin Shop was, a place where skilled craftsmen worked with their hands and brains, using the kind of skills that built our country,” said Tin Room Owner Danny House. “We want to honor mechanics, builders, machinist and craftsmen. In a time when our technological society is filled with fast-moving advancement, learning and adaptation, we want to recognize and celebrate the importance of skills still as valuable to our community and country as they were 100 years ago—skills that enable a carpenter to build a home, a mechanic to fix a car, a welder to create a fence, or a sheet metal fabricator to make a roof.” The scholarship is awarded to a public school student from our community, and will be applied toward tuition and fees at a Trade School of their choosing. “In creating this scholarship, we hope we are honoring these important jobs in our community. We envision this ‘Tinship’ growing with the support and involvement of our community, our schools and our scholarship recipients,” House added. “We will ask our recipients to “pay it forward” by mentoring future recipients, and sharing what they’ve learned at our community schools.” TinRoomTinShip15b

HELP FUND FUTURE ‘TINSHIPS’! House adds that if any of our Readers would like to be part of as a Tin Room guest, they welcome you – and that the Tin Room will be matching all donations up to $3,000! To contact Danny or anyone at the Tin Room, email, call (206) 242-8040, or drop by B-Town’s hippest joint, located at 923 SW 152nd Street in Olde Burien.

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