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There are no winners in this game. Our community, local businesses, students, teachers/staff, and loved ones have all suffered during this time. I am a Highline School Board member and father of three Highline students, and this has been an incredibly challenging period for the district and our household. Virtual learning has been very isolating and stressful for my kids and I’m sure you have experienced the same.

Our students are suffering, and our staff want to come back to support our students. Because of their dedication, we have an incredible option that we are offering to our students. You can choose to return to school in a hybrid model or you can stay 100% virtual. There will be some shuffling around to support both models, but these disruptions will be short lived and our kids and families will adapt quickly just as they did over a year ago.

Our superintendent has responsibility for the wellbeing of 17,000+ students and 2,500 staff members and will have to make difficult choices. All decisions have been vetted out with the board, staff, students, and community stakeholders and have been extremely heart-wrenching. Our district is strong, and we have great bargaining teams from the district and HEA. They want what’s best for our students and staff. I stand by Dr. Enfield and these decisions as they have been as collaborative as possible and we have kept the health and safety of our students/staff first in our minds.

We all have an obligation to our students and community to ensure that or young adults get the best education possible and are prepared for the future. This has been a truly difficult year and the stress on both parents, students, staff has been enormous. Highline is committed to ensuring a safe, healthy and productive school year for all students.

– Joe Van
Parent 1st / Highline School Board Vice President

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