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I am approaching the November 7th election with concern for our city and residents. I won’t pretend to be an expert on all the issues facing Burien, but this letter to the editor comes from my heart and core, and I am submitting it because I believe Burien residents and voters need to know.

I am troubled that several candidates (Kevin Schilling, Linda Akey and Alex Andrade) are endorsed by a community organization that actively posts hateful commentary against the LGBTQ+ community. I have many loved ones who are transgender, queer, or otherwise on the spectrum of sexuality and love. It scares me to think that our welcoming and diverse city could have leaders that have accepted this endorsement, however passively. 

Burien needs leadership that will work for all its residents. Candidates Krystal Marx, Patricia Hudson and Cydney Moore engage with our community with messages of compassion, acceptance, and accountability. I believe they will approach Burien’s issues with equal care for both business and resident interests. For me, this is a chance to vote FOR something – for love, for equity, for compassion. Why would you choose hate? 

– Karin Sinkula
Burien, Washington

Screenshots of Social Media Posts

Below are screenshots of social media content as submitted by the letter writer that “Burien Says Enough” (aka “Burien 2023”) has posted on X.com (formerly Twitter):

Candidates Respond

Burien City Council candidates Kevin Schilling, Linda Akey and Alex Andrade were contacted regarding this issue, and here are their responses:

Kevin Schilling:

“This is political nonsense that does nothing but distract from the issues this community is working on improving: homelessness, public safety, and economic development. I’m neither affiliated with this PAC or Twitter account, nor have I endorsed it. I’m unabashedly pro-LGBTQ rights. This polarization must stop, and I’ll continue running a positive issue-oriented campaign. City Council is a place for common sense and common ground. These campaign tactics do neither, and I don’t want my Council to act this way either.”

Linda Akey (via Campaign Manager Kelly Giddens):

“Linda is not associated with or endorsed by this group. Attempts to disparage Linda are an effort by the opposition to distract voters from real issues, suppress the vote, and undermine the voice of the people. Linda Akey is an LGBTQIA+ ally and will support policies that make Burien a Safe and livable community for all.” 

Alex Andrade:

“I find it distressing that my alliance to my own community would be called into question. As a Latina lesbian and small business owner, I live my identity and work tirelessly in support of LGBTQ equity and justice with my involvement in Burien Pride as a committee member and as an Ambassador for Dining out for Life, and will not be distracted by negative personal attacks, falsely implying that I’m homophobic or transphobic.  

“I do not have any affiliation with this PAC, I do not know their origins, or who is behind their fundraising. I do not endorse their support. What I can say is that I will not be distracted by negative political tactics that seek to align me with a third party PAC who put my name on a campaign without my knowledge. I actively choose to spend time canvassing neighborhoods and bridging divides in our community to amplify a positive message. My work in my campaign, centers on my own message of optimism for our city and rising above further polarization already affecting our community, and that is the difference between the choices you have for our City Council.”

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2 replies on “LETTER: ‘I am troubled that several candidates are endorsed by a community organization that posts hateful commentary’; candidates respond”

  1. Something rings hollow in all of these candidate responses. The “Burien Says Enough” signs are littered (in every sense of the word) all over town, and have been for months, yet these 3 candidates have never said anything about that. If they don’t want to be associated with a hateful group with ties to one particular far-right fringe Burien businesswoman, they should have spoken up a long time ago and disavowed that group. Only now, when they are called out, do they respond. They could have been at the League of Women Voters forum and defended themselves, but they chose not to (they were too busy, you see).

    And now the KC Republicans have endorsed Kevin and Alex (https://kcgop.org/2023-recommendations/). Hmm, I’ve never heard of a Republican endorsement of a Democrat, but since Kevin asked for but didn’t get the endorsement of either the 33rd or 34th Democrats he may have switched parties. I don’t know, since he didn’t do the one forum for candidates where we could have found out about his positions.

  2. It seems like the important question is, will any of these candidates reject the “Burien Says Enough” endorsement?

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