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Dear B-Town Blog Editor,

I’m writing in full and complete support of the administration of Burien’s Kennedy Catholic High School.

I support religious freedom against aggressive government imposition and social pressures. I also support all the local pro-family organizations, faculty, students, parents who exhibit the courage to publicly support Kennedy Catholic and the diocese in the matter of the two recently resigned teachers.

I ask that elected representatives in a position to tamp down on any planned violent behavior aggressively remind their supporters and neighbors to refrain from such violence that exceeds petulant sit-ins and walk-outs. Religious organizations must be allowed to practice their faith without fear or actual violence against them.

Members of the gay lobby (I’m not one for the alphabet soup) and their supporters don’t always live and let live as they claim they do. Too often, they do emotional violence, if not physical, to those who don’t agree with them. They forget that it was all supposed to be about live and let live and are frequently aggressive in their imposition of their views on others they perceive to not fully agree with them.

Their attitude should be gratitude that society has, for the most part, bent far enough over backwards to accommodate them. They should leave well enough alone. Instead, they are proving that their vindictiveness knows no bounds with Kennedy Catholic (and, Eastside before it), religious adoption services, WoLF at the Seattle Public Library, and bigoted Nordstrom employees getting their boss (Mr. Nordstrom) to shoo away a long-time Salvation Army bell ringer in spite of all the love the Salvation Army has done for so many over the years. That shame and hypocrisy is on these ingrates. If ‘love is love’ to them, then they would extend grace to the Salvation Army.

The two teachers at Kennedy Catholic High School are adults and were fully aware of how their behavior might affect their employment at a religious organization. They, and only they, are fully responsible for their behavior. They knew the rules and are fully responsible for the employment implications of not following them. By protesting the consequences of their own behavior, they fail to serve as proper role models for the students.

I ask that the Seattle-area media please be sure to allow Kennedy Catholic supporters their say, too. Parents, students, and the public should be free to support the diocese and the school’s administration without fear of retaliation. That support should be covered just as much as the protest.

If I could, I’d be out there with a sign of a man and woman holding hands with a seven color rainbow flag in support of the school’s administration and in recognition of the natural rainbow. Play house all they want, and in spite of their bullying tactics, the lobby has no legitimate power to force others to agree with them.

I wish you all peace and I wish you the grace to allow those with sincerely held religious beliefs on matters of marriage their own peace as well.

Until next time, all the best, your neighbor,
John Peeples
Green Lake

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