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Knowledge and experience matter. That’s why I support Krystal Marx for Burien City Council Position 7.

I love Burien! When I first moved here as a teacher in 1977, Burien was a bedroom suburb of Seattle, but much has changed in our community and in our region since then. We live in a moment when Burien’s population and demographics are continuing to change and grow. Our city needs strong, experienced and knowledgeable leaders who can work together at the city level and who also understand that our issues are regional and will work with regional partners to come up with creative solutions.

Krystal Marx has been serving us on Council for nearly four years, first as a council member and now as deputy mayor. Under her leadership, we have seen many new programs and services come to Burien, including LEAD and Co-LEAD, our tenant protections (we were second in the state to provide Just Cause Eviction protections), the soon-to-be-opened downtown police storefront with police and first responders, and the Green Burien Partnership, to name a few. These programs have been initiated in the last four years with help and input from Krystal. These services are primarily funded by grants or community agencies, at no cost to the city.

Krystal is approachable, making herself available to meet with community members who want to give input or better understand issues from her perspective. She always listens to concerns and is always honest about where she stands and demonstrates a clear understanding of the issues and how they impact the people of Burien. You may not always agree with Krystal, but you can count on her to look you in the eye and tell you where she stands and why. And you can count on her to be honest, and not just tell you what she thinks you want to hear.

Burien is a great city! It is considered the third “most walkable” city in Washington as well as one of the top places to raise a family. We have parks, forests, and beaches. I have always personally felt safe in Burien. And YES, I feel safe now. I feel safe walking in the woods at Seahurst Park with my friend or around my neighborhood alone at night.

Do not get caught up in the negativity! Our city needs strong, prepared, experienced leadership as we move through and past the pandemic. We don’t need more of the same cries for more police, less crime, with no solutions as to how to get us there. Krystal Marx has shown that she has the ability to champion and implement creative solutions for Burien.

– Kathy Hazen

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