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Burien City Council Elections: Please VOTE for the change our community needs on the Burien City Council

We are a diverse group of over 260 Burien community members from every walk of life and neighborhood. Many of us have lived here for decades while raising our families and running our businesses. We have arrived at the same conclusion; the quality of life and safety in Burien has suffered greatly over the last four years. We are compassionate and caring individuals who want to help our fellow community members in need.  However, proposals by the current Burien City Council are radical and represent neither common sense nor the majority of the residents of our city. Last year, while we were working hard and trying to survive the most difficult year in recent memory, our City Council made critical decisions that will irreparably harm the safety of our neighborhoods. At some point, our elected leaders need to be held accountable for these failures. Elections give us that opportunity.  There is a primary election on August 3, and four City Council positions will be decided. This is a majority of the council seats and change at this level would make a meaningful impact on the future of our city.

Our voices have been ignored
The current council is not responsive to the majority of their constituents. Many council members appear to only have allegiance to their own personal agendas, political aspirations or listen to a small, vocal group of our community. They are beholden to interests outside the city they were elected to serve. Many of us have lived in this community long enough to remember the last time outside influences forced our area to take on more than its fair share.  King County was forcing its vision on our community.  Their actions were so extreme that we are still dealing with the consequences 25 years later.  As residents we united, took action, and the city of Burien was born.  We decided in that moment that our residents needed local representation that prioritized the needs and vision the community wanted to see.  Unfortunately, with decisions like DESC and Enhanced Service Facilities, it is clear that the state and county have received the message that once again they can do whatever they want in our city because we have elected representatives that do not care about the community they were elected to serve. The time has come, once again, for all concerned citizens in our city to unite and say enough.

Burien deserves better
Before you cast your ballot, ask yourself what kind of city do I want to live in?  Do you currently feel safe?  Do you want an urban downtown core where you can shop, eat and mingle with your fellow citizens?  These are reasonable asks and ones that other city councils deliver to their citizens.  What we are seeing now in our city is not normal and it is not acceptable. Our current City Council has a very different agenda and one that is not compatible with providing a safe and prosperous city. Just as we have done before, it is time once again for Burien to unite and elect a City Council that prioritizes the needs and safety of our community.

Signed by over 260 resident citizens and local businesses for a better Burien.

909 Coffee & Wine
Aaron Reed
Abby Sagmoen
AJ Porter
Alan Ellison
Alessandra Hildebrandt
Alex Keeney
Alex Simkus
Amanda Mkrtychev
Andrea Woods
Angelo’s Restaurant
Ann Stout
Anne Ricci
Anthony Lawrence
Anthony O’Neil
Antonia Castro
Arlene Lizama
Arn DeAnnunti
Ashlynn Simkus
Barb Breda
Barbara Dena
Beffa Dental
Beth Barrett
Betty Roley
Bill Perry
Boyd Lawrence
Brad McNeice
Bradley Anderson
Bradley Jacobson
Brandon Crosby
Brent Volle
Brian Spitzer
Brittany Nielsen
Brooke Rhodes
Bruce Mennella
Burien Pizzeria
Cal Hansen
Cameryn MacKenzie
Carlo Guida
Carol Kelly
Caroline Ellison
Carrie Rasmussen
Chelsea Ozolin
Cheryl Spitzer
Chirlee House
Chris Reed
Christina Leveto
Courtney Lansing
Creative Minds Academy
Creative Steps Academy
Cynthia Dunbar
D’lynn Headley
Dan the Sausageman
Dana MacKenzie
Danny House
Darlene Brower
David Cotlove
David Hval
David Longridge
David Roberts
David Stout
Davis Dental Group
Deana Breiwick
Debi Wagner
Denise Sagmoen
Diana Johnson
Diandra Zuniga
Dick Bus
Dominik Bednarski
Drew Sagmoen
Ed Frye
Ed Jenkins
Elizabeth Akina
Elizabeth Bull
Ellie Cain
Enzo Morella
Eric Nielsen
Erin Etzkorn
Ester Frey
Gail Jenkins
Frances Zuniga
Gary Coy
Gary Reed
Gee Braun
George Hook
Gina Rowlee
Greg Anderson
Gretchen Longridge
Hayden Wood
Heidi Miller
Highline Auto Electric
Horace Parker
Ink Aleaga
Jack Mummert
Jacki Probach
James Boileau
Janet Welborn
Janice Hammond
Jared Mata
Jason Carr
Jeff Harris
Jeff Hoyle
Jeff Macias
Jeff Rowlee
Jim Harding
Jim Locklear
Jim McQuarrie
Jim Pelletier
Jim Seymer
Jim Sharkey
Joe LaRoque
Joel Manning
John Hendrow
John Reyes
John Richard
Jonna Janet
Judith Fisher
Judy Seiwerath
Judy Storey
Judy Thorne
Justyna Bednarski
Kaden Rowlee
Karl Lenz
Karl Ozolin
Kathy Otterson
Kathy Parker
Katrina Ruiz
Kayla Wold
Kelly Carr
Kelly Etzkorn
Kelsey Wildstone
Ken Lindt
Ken Storey
Kendra Brown
Kenner Dental
Kerry Hansen
Kim Foley
Krista Sprague
Kristen Kerns
Kristi Jacobson
Laura Bailey
Laurel Fullington
Lauren Gage
Linda Crenshaw
Linda Harris
Linda Hendricks
Linda Sherlock
Lindsay White
Lisa Day-Seymer
Lisa Lawrence
London McBride
Lori Toth
Lori Wold
Louise Mennella
M Sprague
Madison Roth
Mara Porter
Marcia Cotlove
Margy Roberts
Mark Headley
Mark Keeney
Mark Valdez
Mark Welborn
Mark’s Expert Auto
Marti Messner
Martin Barrett
Marvin Jahnke
Mary Carey
Mary Mummert
Mary Reed
Matt Parker
Max Volle
Meg Kelly
Melinda Bus
Melisa Breiwick
Michael Canan
Michael McBride
Michael Roedell
Michael Spitzer
Mike Etzkorn
Mike Sherlock
Mike Short
Mike Snyder
Mitch Crenshaw
Monika Scoville
Nancy Chesnutt
Noah Lansing
Nolan Stout
NW Implants and Periodontics
Osterio da Primo
Paige Etzkorn
Pam Peterson
Papillong Starr
Pat Lindt
Pat Richard

Patti Sauder

Patti Schindler
Patty Pills
Paul Brown
Paula Anderson
Paula Keeney
Paula Macias
Payne Roberts
Peggy Sharkey
Peppo Morella
Peralta Orthodontics
Peter Hildebrandt
Petrini Prosthodontics
Piper Wood
Rand Fullington
Randy Breiwick
Randy White
Richard Zuniga
Rick Braun
Rick Sands
Rob Miller
Roman Mkrtychev
Ron Hansen
Ronald Seale
Ryan Etzkorn
Ryan Rhodes
Sabina Henricus
Sandra Locklear
Scott Etzkorn
Scott Lansing
Scott MacKenzie
Seahurst Smiles
Shannon Starr
Sharon Mathison
Shay McBride
Shelly McQuarrie
Spencer MacKenzie
Stacy Manning
Stan Carey
Stephanie Mennella
Stephanie Mora
Steve Lyons
Summit Implants
Ted Frey
Teresa Matthews
Teri Kato
Terri Lyons
Terry Jensen
Terry Moom
Tiana Manola
Tim Foley
Tin Room Bar
Tod Janet
Todd Manola
Tony Etzkorn
Tony Grasher
Tony Hildebrandt
Tonya Delacruz
Traci Volle
Tracy Etzkorn
Travelle Family Dentistry
Trevor Gage
Tyler Anderson
Vaiala Maaele
Valerie LaRoque
Veronique Hval
Vivian Shields
Vivian Teague
Wilhelm Henricus
Yvette Henricus

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