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Dear Editor,

I saw the Letter to the Editor by Scott Carey in which he said:

“[P]lease warn others about this theft [at the Post Office] caused most likely by homeless/ drug addicts.”

Scott Carey, since you seem to have a good idea who is committing the theft, please contact the Burien Police and share the information you have. As far as I can tell the Police do not know who committed this crime. It could be anyone who feels the need to break the law. It could be someone who owns a home, who is sober, who is in desperate need of cash. Maybe they are facing medical expenses and are afraid their child will die or suffer without funds. Perhaps they are on the verge of being evicted. Maybe they need their car repaired so they can hold onto their job. Maybe they are well-to-do and younger, just trying to impress their friends. There are countless reasons for someone who is not homeless or not a drug addict to turn to crime.

Since you seem to have information that leads you to believe the theft was not committed someone who has a home and is sober, please share that information with the Police, or in this case the Postal Inspectors by calling 877-876-2455.

– Eric Dickman
Burien, WA

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