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My name is Michael Gallo. I’m a Clinical Psychologist with 25+ years experience working with a variety of clients, including numerous individuals with substance abuse disorders, many of them veterans and active duty Army Soldiers. I began this work in 1975. I worked as a mental health counselor at one of the first Drug/Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers, at Ft. Lewis, WA. In 1995 I worked as a Psychologist-Intern at the Tampa, FL VA Hospital, Social Rehabilitation Center, where former homeless veterans, many with substance abuse, were assisted in rebuilding their lives.

My clinical work experiences have convinced me to strongly endorse Linda Akey for Burien City Council, in the August 1, 2023 Primary Election. 

Linda’s proposed strategy for helping to relieve the current difficulties with homelessness and public drug abuse in Burien, are marked by a sensible two-pronged approach: compassion, combined with rationality. She is truly interested in passing legislation that will help people obtain safe housing, (i.e., real public shelters, not dangerous tent encampments and tiny shacks), through the logical application of demonstrated Social Rehabilitation principles. Likewise, she advocates research supported treatment plans for those experiencing drug/alcohol abuse and addiction. 

Equally important, Linda believes we can work on these problems while increasing safety and sense of well-being for ALL the citizens of Burien. To modify Charles Dickens, I think Linda Akey believes that the needs of the “few” can indeed be met, while also serving the important needs of the “many.” Homeless/drug addicted persons can be motivated to a better life. But, most importantly, the 52,000 other people who live in Burien can and should have safe, clean, undisturbed enjoyment of their streets, park, and public facilities.

Michael Gallo
Doctor of Psychology

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  1. What a well thought out, sensible letter, Michael Gallo. You have considered the needs and safety of all citizens in Burien. We are lucky to have you here with all of your experience.
    I endorse Linda as well.

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