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There have been several letters to The B-Town Blog recently expressing outrage at the tree removal in Burien (on SW 156th near Three Tree Point). I would like to add my thoughts.

For those of us who live in Burien, any tree removal has special concerns. The clear-cutting of a forest that stabilized the hillside endangers us all. Is there a plan for drainage when we get deluged? This is a potential catastrophe; flooding and slides.

As a resident to the south of the property, I saw no visible sign posted that would have allowed public comment before this damage. It is my understanding that this is a City requirement prior to any tree removal.

Quoted from the City’s Trees, Urban Forrest Management:

“All significant trees on an undeveloped lot shall be retained. Tree removal or land clearing on an undeveloped lot for the purpose of future development is prohibited unless a land use permit is approved by the City.” (19.25.120)

Was such a plan submitted – and approved by the City?

There is not only the danger in the removal of Significant Trees, there is also the environmental factor that needs weighing in; tree value. The clean air we breathe, the canopy for shade in summer, and as a habitat for wildlife. These are critical for our quality of life. We, as a city, must adhere to a strict environmental impact plan. Do we?

I believe most of the people who live in Burien were drawn to the area by forested beauty, shelter, and the wildlife that brings the magic. We need forested areas. Plant Trees

The City Council must give serious thought to the impact that the clearcutting has on the environment and on the people who live in Burien and mitigate/enforce future slides/flooding in the area.

Plant Trees

Susan & Dave Woltz

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