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I’ve lived on this property my whole life (68 years). My family has owned the property for over 115 years, so you see our roots run deep here.

To watch all these beautiful trees be cut down is heart wrenching. I can see a few trees, but to just raze or rape such a huge area? The environmental aspect of it on us, below them, I hope will not be mass flooding with the next rainstorm. If you were here in the early 70’s, all the rain from the hairpin turn (Maplewild to SW 156th) came down the gully and flooded our area, and the workers have now covered up the storm drain that took care of the rain runoff!

To me this isn’t environmentally friendly, taking out trees that absorb rain water and keeps the hillside stable. I can’t believe the city of Burien OK’ed this.

Needless to say, my Grandmother and my parents would be heartbroken to see this.

Wende Duffy

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