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Let’s use Burien Town Square Park more often

On the evening of August 20, 2021, BAT brought Hay Fever to Town Square Park. Hay Fever is the second play BAT produced at that park. Here are a few photos of the event courtesy Michael Brunk:

Why, during the Summer months, is this park not used for more cultural events? It is an excellent location for plays, small music events, and so much more. I can see more theater, chamber music, brass quintets, folk music, small bands, and so much more.

Burien needs a live theater space when the rain comes, but Burien Town Square Park should be packed with cultural events during the dry months. Why is such a lovely venue going empty?

Some will say, “But what about all the “problems” there?” Just like the last time we produced a play at Town Square Park, BAT and its audience had no issues whatsoever. Only BAT’s audience was there. It is clear that if there were many cultural events going on in Town Square Park, the negative issues people raise about Town Square Park would be non-existent.

Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services, and Burien City Council, why is Town Square Park not being used for art and cultural events on a more frequent basis?

– Eric Dickman
BAT Theatre

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