Two Burien-area legends created some great radio art last Saturday – KEXP guest host Marco Collins welcomed Travis Thompson to his Audioasis show on March 23. Over the three hour show, the two talked about Travis’ recent signing to Epic Records, the new hip hop scene in Seattle, the best local taco trucks and much more. Oh, and they also played several of Travis’ favorite tracks. DJ Marco Collins is also a Burien resident, so this made for a lively B-Town-area conversation, with great, relevant local topics along with excellent music from a rising local star. Collins is a legendary Seattle DJ who’s in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame:

Marco Collins is a Seattle radio personality best known as the flagship DJ and Music Director at Seattle’s 107.7 ‘The End’ during the 1990’s grunge explosion which landed him a spot in The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame. Although he worked at a number of radio stations on the West Coast, VH1 and several record labels/management teams, the role he played in the 90’s is what made Seattle synonymous with grunge music. Marco was instrumental in breaking artists such as Nirvana, Beck, Weezer, The Presidents of the United States of America, Foo Fighters, Garbage, and Harvey Danger. He also championed little known bands, often being the one to break them into the mainstream. The bands that Marco broke went on to international stardom, which helped establish him as one of music’s most influential tastemakers.

And YOU can listen to an archived version of this show – just follow these steps:
  • Select the Audioasis show from below the calendar:
  • Scroll up to the player at the top of the page and start the stream by pressing the PLAY button:
  • You can also skip ahead (or back) using the ‘Jump to a Specific Time’ selector at the bottom of the page:
Here are some videos from Travis:
More info on Travis here: ]]>

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