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Just over 200 years ago a young Duwamish boy was sent to find his identity and destiny. He came to a place soon to be known as Lake Thunder, and after spending time preparing, fasting and rubbing himself with rotten tree bark, he built a raft and made it out to the middle of the lake. Once in the middle, he held onto a heavy rock for weight and dove to the bottom where he believed he would hear his identity and destiny. He heard, “You are the Thunderbird”.

The natives believed the attributes of the Thunderbird would bring wealth and the healing of wounds and would require bravery to possess them. The spirit also endowed the possessor with a booming voice to be heard across the region. That young boy was the future Chief Sealth, the greatest of the native tribe leaders in the Pacific Northwest and that lake is now called Lake Burien.

Chief Sealth received his identity and destiny right here in Burien, which I believe is the identity and destiny of Burien itself. Our city is meant to be a leading city in the Puget Sound, from which great leaders emerge. It is meant to be a generator of wealth for all those who come and a place of healing of many peoples, just as Chief Sealth became a reconciler of tribes, the new settlers and the Native Americans.

Burien is meant to be the voice of greatness in this region. We are to be the leader not the follower, the head not the tail, the generator of wealth for all, not the taker of wealth, and the culture setter, not the culture follower. I believe that we, the people of Burien, can bravely become the leading voice for the region.

Moving to Burien 26 years ago, my wife and I raised our family and started a business here. Our three children attended Highline and Aviation High Schools. We loved the ethnic diversity that filled our table as they brought a steady stream of kids to dinner from band, drama, and athletic involvement. Few places have Burien’s generous ethnic diversity, which is a treasure we must cherish.

As small business owners, we are delighted to be in a city that attracts immigrants and their risk-taking spirit. So many come to Burien to start a new life, a new business, and a new community with the hope their children will have a better life.

The pathway to this better life — for longtime and newly arrived families — is a city supporting local businesses, streamlining the regulatory process and enforcing the law. A city where our women and children, elderly and vulnerable can be safe in all of our eighteen diverse neighborhoods. A city where each citizen is accounted worthy to be contributors to our community and where we refuse to facilitate anything less. A city with quality affordable housing through the development of new apartments and townhouses, each competing for Burienites to move into, offering better and better amenities and at lower cost. These developments will pay taxes to, rather than take money from our city.

Burien is a beautiful coastal gem, a travel hub set amidst thriving cities and a mushrooming economy. As we, together, provoke pride and appreciation for our great city, residents from every neighborhood will be inspired to contribute their distinctive and irreplaceable gifts, until the whole region recognizes Burien as the regional leader of quality of life.

We are meant to be the Puget Sound culture leader, reflecting our amazing ethnic diversity with attractive restaurants and cafes, buzzing with great music, art and entertainment.

Like Chief Sealth, I believe we have the bravery to fulfill our destiny. I am running for City Council Position 1 in my beloved Burien. Please join and support me.

More info at: www.votemartinbarrett.com

Here’s the Chief Seattle – Burien Story:

Martin Barrett – Burien, WA City Council Position No. 1 Candidate from Lucas Mack on Vimeo.

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