On Sunday (April 13), Lindsay Buchultz, who works at Burien’s Posh Puppy Spa & Boutique on SW 153rd, won the “People’s Choice” award in Tacoma at the Northwest Groom Show. She is a first time competitor who competed against nine seasoned veterans in the “Creative Grooming Contest,” and won a trophy and $100 dollars gift certificate for this work (click images to see larger versions/slideshow): LindsayBuchultz+Dog2 LindsayBuchultz+Dog3 LindsayBuchultz+Dog1 “Lindsay has been grooming for a little more than 5 years, we hired her to work at the Posh Puppy two years ago,” said Guy Knepp of Posh Puppy Spa & Boutique. “She is an artist, and has really wanted to compete in a creative grooming contest for some time now, she finally decided this year to get her feet wet.” Guy added:

“She chose Leonard the standard poodle, he is one of our clients, and Leonard’s mother was the one who drew the back drop you see in the pictures. Lindsay has always been a Dr. Seuss fan, and Leonard inspired her to use him for the Lorax as her theme because of the way his big fluffy face looks.”

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5 replies on “Local dog Groomer wins 'People's Choice' award at Northwest Groom Show”

  1. Hurray for Lindsay! In case anyone is wondering, Lindsay also does traditional dog grooming. My pretty little Sheltie HATES having her claws clipped and the stray hair on her feet trimmed up, but she stands perfectly still like a little lady for Lindsay. Lindsay is also our hero when it comes to dealing with that pesky matted fur under the ears. We are cheering for Lindsay’s creativity, but we also love her high quality, non-technicolor grooming.

  2. Congratulations Lindsay!
    The last time I gave my persian cat Sasha a bath she tried to rip my arm off so I decided to take her to a professional and found Lindsay. LIndsay does a fantastic job and Sasha always comes home with a darling lion cut and smelling sweet. Sasha seems to enjoy the pampering and hops right out of her carrier to see Lindsay. Lindsay is one of those people who really has a way with animals.

    1. WAY TO GOOOO Lindsay!!!! We and our pooches love her caring hands and heart… A great addition to Posh Puppy….

  3. Congratulation Lindsay! How exciting!
    I LOVE Posh Puppy. It’s the only place for my “kids” when they are in need of grooming.

  4. The “artists” should be charged with cruelty to animals. Do they really think the dogs like to have their hair dyed, braided, tied up and shaved?

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