The King County Sheriff’s Office is reporting that a 21-year old local man was robbed at gunpoint around 9:30 p.m. Tuesday night (July 25) near Hazel Valley Elementary School in the 13100 block of 4th Ave SW in Burien (map below).

Police say that the victim was walking home from work when he realized someone (the suspect) was following him as he walked westbound on SW 128th Street. When the victim turned onto 4th Ave SW he said the suspect continued following him.

The victim crossed the street, and the suspect did too. When the victim was near Hazel Valley Elementary School, the suspect approached him, pulled out a handgun, pointed it at the victim and robbed him of his backpack, cell phone and wallet containing his ID and debit card.

The suspect then ran north on 4th Ave SW.

Police attempted a track with K-9, and the King County Sheriff’s Guardian One helicopter searched the area but they did not locate the suspect.

The suspect is described as a black male, about 6’2”, approximately 18-years old, heavy set, and was last seen wearing a hooded camo jacket with horizontal stripes and black baggy pants.

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5 replies on “Man robbed at gunpoint results in large police search in Burien Tuesday night”

  1. I wonder if this is the same young man I witness stealing a backpack full of expensive booze (Patron Tequila) from Trader Joes around 2PM last Saturday. He was very young, teenager. Tall, fit, sort of flat top cut hair. His accomplice (also young black male) looked to be about 14 years old, short kid maybe 5 foot tall and had a big poofy haircut, afro I guess you call it. He had a distinctive red striped Guatemalan backpack on. He also stole a backpack full of expensive booze and pushed his way past employees to flee on foot.

    Very brazen robbery in broad daylight during a busy time of day. Store was full of customers and employees. Bold to say the least. Neither thief seemed afraid to just push people out of the way and steal whatever they wanted. employees were reluctant to give chase. They believed he had a weapon. Staff asked me not to peruse them.

  2. Sounds like TJ’s should turn the last checkstand to face the booze shelf, it’s less than 5′ away and obviously easy pickings for the D-Bags.

    1. Interesting how does this have anything to do with section 8 subsidies. Are you assuming that these teenagers or possible older adults are on section 8. Just because they pulled some stupid stuff off.

  3. I like the way Safeway does there liquor section keep it locked . Then when someone wants something a staff member has to unlock it and leave the item with customer service. It can take a minute or two. But keeps stuff like what happened traders Joe’s from happening there. Fred Meyers has armed security officers and secret shoppers keeping a eye out.

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