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It was announced this week that Dan Spalding of Spokane will be the new owner of the Des Moines Theater, which has sat vacant for years at 22325 Marine View Drive.

Spalding is planning on turning the building into “a mixed use complex consisting of retail and residential space with other possibilities for the theater space.”
He bought the building – built in 1947 and containing 10,572 square feet of space – for $430,000.
Spalding is also a successful real estate developer who helped revive an entire old block on Main Avenue in Spokane. He owns six buildings, and recently acquired two historic ones that served as hotels some 100 years ago.

Read the full story, which includes a video interview, here.

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6 replies on “Meet Artist/Developer Dan Spalding, the new owner of the Des Moines Theater”

  1. It’s really disappointing that the new owner couldn’t re-do the theater instead of using it for other things. We really need new residential/retail space but don’t need a theater which could show movies in the area. First we lose the Des Moines QFC and now the theater space for retail and residential.

      1. TbC says
        “Ya, maybe he can return it to it’s former glory when it was an x rated theater!!”
        Here here,, Maybe even add an upgrade and make it live.*lol*
        And ask for attendees to participate.
        Did I forget anything?

  2. That’s an amazing deal for a large lot with potential water views in the middle of the commercial district. I’m more nostalgic than most and went to the theater in the 60s (NOT after that ) but I’m so ready to have something different going on in that space. It there it could double the appeal of that area with one project..
    Then we can work on the north end of town…

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