Meet  Sharper-Tools LLC’s Scott McClure – a Sharp guy in more ways than one!

It is often said that “a sharpened knife cuts twice as fast”; we agree and when it comes to doing any job, most folks want to get the job done fast so having your tools sharpened professionally is a smart way to go.

The great news is you don’t have to go far to find same day service at a great price. That’s what Sharper-Tools LLC is known for. Owned and operated by Scott McClure, they have been helping busy residents and businesses maintain clean and sharp edges on all sorts of tool and blades since 2021. 

Scott’s interest in the work started long ago and in 2008 he started helping out at the Federal Way Farmer’s Market on Saturdays. After a few years, the guy who was sharpening there retired. Scott took a chance and filled his spot. As things have grown and gotten busier, he added in Thursdays at the Burien Farmer’s Market, and in 2021 made a decision to launch full time, offering same day service by appointment. You can come drop off your tools and knives at his location and pick them up later that same day, ready to be amazed at the easy slicing, dicing and cutting you will enjoy.

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You will surely wonder why you put up with dull tools for so long, especially because Scott offers a great price. What’s more, since you, lucky reader, are seeing this piece, you can save 15% off that great price by simply mentioning coupon code “b-town” when you check-out using the convenient online booking at, or find him in-person at the Farmer’s Market.

On Market days you don’t need an appointment, just perhaps a little patience. Offering professional knife sharpening along with scissors, shears, garden tools, and more  for residential and commercial customers, he can get busy, but always works hard to accommodate his loyal following. His satisfied clients have earned him an “EXCELLENT” rating on

Once you experience the joy of using sharp tools you will wonder why you waited so long. Book online now for same day service at a great price!

Make an appointment or learn more here:

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