Cooking Season is upon us: Get your knives sharpened for the holidays and save 15% with special promo code ‘B-Town.’ 

Sharper-Tools offers quick same day turn-around knife sharpening at the Burien Farmers market every Thursday and you can save 15% off just by mentioning the special Promo Code “B-Town.”

The crisp fall air and vibrant orange and red tones signal that that it’s harvest time, when we come back inside and enjoy the bounty of the season – that means cooking, chopping, slicing and dicing. Any chef will tell you, a sharp knife is essential to making cooking feel less like a chore or struggle, and more like a joy. It can also make food preparation faster and safer.

Professional knife sharpening services ensure that no more metal than necessary is removed during the sharpening process, prolonging your knife’s life and maintaining its silhouette. Scott, from Sharper-Tools has been sharpening all sort of edges – not just knives – for more than a decade. You can trust him to maintain all your cutting tools from scissors, to saws, to garden implements in tip-top shape.

Right now, having sharp knives can make your holiday feast cooking experience more efficient. A sharp knife easily glides through ingredients, making food prep faster and safer.

If you have serrated knives, sharpening and realigning the prominent teeth can re-sharpen them, ensuring they perform at their best.

Don’t you deserve an enjoyable cooking experience that makes food preparation easier and safer, and prolong the life of your knives? The you need to find Scott at the Burien Farmers Market on Thursdays or book an appointment online. 

Just mention this ad for 15% off. You’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner!

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