Meet the four candidates vying for Burien City Council, Position #4, all on the ballot for the upcoming Aug. 6 primary election.

Ballots were mailed out on Wednesday, July 17, and the deadline to vote is 8 p.m. on Tuesday, Aug. 6.

NOTE: Three seats on the council are up for grabs, but since there are only two running for Position #2 (Cydney Moore and Joel Manning), the only candidates facing off in the primary – where the two top vote getters move on – are listed below.

Below are their profiles and statements from the King County Elections website:

City of Burien
Council Position 4

Lucy Krakowiak

Lucy Krakowiak
PO Box 66852

Burien, WA 98166

(206) 242-8378

Education: Bachelor’s Degree – Biology & Chemistry / Secondary Education Teaching Certificate – Science
Occupation: Current-Transportation Security / Past–Business Owner–Medical Massage Therapist (20+yrs)

Statement: Thank you for allowing me to serve you as Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Councilmember. Burien’s been my home and place of business for more than 20 years. My leadership experience includes; Burien City Council, Burien Business and Economic Development Partnership, Burien Cleansweep, King County Library System, Sustainable Burien.

Shootings, gangs, drugs – Burien’s in trouble! – I’m one of the few councilmembers championing for more Police Officers and a safer community!

Please vote for Lucy Krakowiak – backed by local supporters – not beholden to other government offices/unions/entities/special interests from outside Burien. We need to work together and move forward for Burien. We need a more robust police force, thriving business community, diversification of revenue sources, public services Burien deserves, protection of our neighborhoods and environment. I’ll continue to work with councilmembers and residents to create a safer Burien, insuring a thriving community we can enjoy. Thanks for your vote!

Kevin Schilling

Kevin Schilling
P.O. Box 411 / 2116 SW 152nd St

Seahurst, WA 98062

Education: Aviation High; South Seattle Community College; Washington State University; Columbia University; London School of Economics
Occupation: Pastoral Assistant for Youth Ministry, St. Francis of Assisi Parish

Statement: Growing up in Burien was my American dream.  I worked at local Burien businesses, putting myself through community college, WSU, and the London School of Economics.  During this time, I’ve carried the people and experiences of Burien with me.  I’m excited to give back to the community I love.

Burien is a place where anyone – hourly wage workers, small business owners, and white-collar professionals – can make their own dream.  As the product of a proud union household, I will strive to make Burien accessible for working families. I will prioritize public safety, especially the homelessness epidemic, and work with regional partners on “quiet skies” initiatives.

It’s time to end the division and elect leaders who focus on what matters: ensuring Burienites from all walks of life are safe and have access to opportunity.  I ask for your vote. Proudly endorsed by Rep. Kathy Haigh and neighbors across Burien.

Charles Schaefer

Charles Schaefer
258 S 156th St # 22

Burien, WA 98148

Education: University of Washington. Highline schools for preschool through 12th grade.
Occupation: Accountant / small business owner

Statement: My community involvement began in high school, serving on the Burien teen council. For the past several years I have regularly attended and offered testimony at city council meetings. I volunteer Fridays at Transform Burien and also volunteered last winter at our severe weather shelter.

I am seeking this position in order to help city government better meet the needs of all Burien residents. Through my volunteer work, I know that homelessness and housing are complicated issues and I am committed to offering compassionate solutions. I will also address public safety: I want everyone to be able to enjoy what Burien has to offer without fear of crime or needles. Finally, I will work to make the city a welcoming environment for small business because I believe that economic growth is key to our success as a city. Your vote for me could help make this our best Burien yet.

Omaha Sternberg

Omaha Sternberg
314 S. 180th Ct

Burien, WA 98148

(206) 618-5107

Education: BA Oceanography, University of Washington
Occupation: 12 years podcasting, activist, homemaker

Statement: Burien is growing! Almost 20,000 people have become citizens in the past nine years. Our city now has big challenges. We need big solutions.

I will reach out to public and private organizations, businesses, and agencies to provide necessary resources to our homeless and build more affordable housing. I will work to support Burien’s small business community that makes Burien a unique and welcoming city. And I will work with our council to develop a Climate Plan, so we can address our environmental issues here and now.
As your city councilmember, I will work hard to solve these challenges with all councilmembers and the community. Because many voices help create better solutions. I will be your voice on the city council to renew our economically and culturally vibrant city. I humbly ask for your vote.

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