On Thursday (July 20), representatives from ‘Respect Washington’ delivered to the City of Burien more petition signatures for the “Initiative Petition to REPEAL Burien’s ‘Sanctuary City’ Ordinance 651.”

The Burien City Clerk delivered the signed petitions to King County Elections at noon, the City announced.

It is unknown at this time how many additional signatures were gathered.

This new petition asks that an ordinance repealing Ordinance 651 be submitted to a vote of the registered voters of the City of Burien.

Previously, 4,181 petition signatures submitted were compared against voter registration signatures and address information on file with the County Election office, and of those, 3,119 were determined to be registered voters of King County in the City of Burien. Because that number did not meet the requirement of 3,643 valid signatures to certify, on July 15 the County determined that the petition was insufficient by 524 signatures.

King County Elections has ten days to verify the signatures and make a decision on the sufficiency of the petition (RCW 35.17.280).

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More information about Ordinance 651:

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