A ‘Needle Pick-Up’ event will be held this Saturday, Sept. 2, starting at 4 p.m. at Burien’s Dottie Harper Park.

The goal is to scan the park and safely remove and dispose of any needles found in the park.

Dottie Harper Park is located at 421 SW 146th Street (map below), and Volunteers can apparently just show up.

From the Facebook event page:

“Do you pass by needles on the street, in a park, or in the playground? Ever wonder how to handle them, or where to turn them in once you’ve got them off the street?

Come and learn how to pick up and dispose of used needles safely, and then join us as we go out into downtown Burien and dispose of the ones we find.

If you know of any ‘hot spots’ that we should check out, be sure to list them in the Discussion, otherwise we will focus on Dottie Harper Park first!”

Here’s more info from Burien resident – and city council Candidate – Krystal Marx, who organized this event:

“I have seen picture after picture that Burien residents have posted online about finding used needles in a park, on the street, in a parking lot, etc. on the “Take Back Burien” Facebook group page, and every time a picture is posted, the general rallying cry is that “someone” should do something.

Why not me?

I have conducted used needle pick-ups for over five years, focusing primarily in high-use areas in Seattle (The Colonnade in Eastlake, in Pioneer Square, under the viaduct, on Cap. Hill, SoDo), after receiving hands-on training in how to spot, safely secure and dispose of needles from volunteers in San Francisco’s Mission, SoMa and Tenderloin districts.

This event was created to not just get a few needles off the street, but to teach others how to do it safely and to inspire confidence in our ability, as Burien residents, to take care of our community. Participants will learn what personal protective equipment (PPE) to have with them, how to spot clues that there may be needles nearby, how to pick them up safely, how to store them, and where to deliver the needles when they are done.

Yes, we pay taxes and have a Public Works department who handles street cleanup, but what is preventing us from taking pride in our community and doing cleanups like this as needed? We do it for our fantastic dog park, we do it for Clean Sweep day, why not for something like this, which has a much more urgent need?

As a City Council candidate, this kind of community involvement and personal responsibility is what I believe in, which is why I decided to put this event together.”

More info here: https://www.facebook.com/events/415807438821654/

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23 replies on “‘Needle Pick-Up’ event will be held at Dottie Harper Park this Saturday”

  1. This is so sad to think about, needing training like this. I applaud those who are willing to pick up drug needles to try to protect our community. The real problem for me is WHY are the drug addicts allowed to continue to ruin our city? I have a child who participates in programs in the building next to the skate park. I am concerned every single time I go there because of the people who surround that building. The doors have to be locked all the times because addicts will wander in to try to use the bathrooms and will steal our kids belongings. During the summer programs, an adult has to go outside to make sure it’s “safe” before allowing kids to go out. I’ve called the police before (people yelling obscenities, fighting, blocking doorways, open drug use and dealing), but it is only getting worse.

    1. You along with the rest of us are faced with an opportunity this election season to move out of this current mess. Liberal Socialist beliefs have gotten us nowhere as coddled miscreants are valued more than actual contributing members of society. “NOMTOM” And things will improve drastically for the better.

      1. QofA blaming the city council members you don’t agree with is not a solution. Since the war on drugs has failed in so many ways every drug available on the streets you can get in prison. Of course that’s the city council fault. For problems effecting parts of the country for years. Yep QofA sure.

        So what happens is the people don’t get help and they repeat the process on the tax payers dime. Get high over dose or get arrested or leave there needles in parks.

        QofA what’s your solution to this problem keep arresting so they can get high in jail or prison. Keep paying for the overdose’s or just let the body’s build up. Who pays for the clean up in that issue. Or just keep blaming the city council members you don’t agree every time there’s any issue’s.

        Melinda it’s not safe to put the needles in the regular garbage. Because park employees could get hurt or if someone pushes garbage on top of the needle could get poked.

        I think it’s time try different things other than prison time.

        1. Having Council members who have stood in the way of cracking down on crime and what it brings to this City is a legitimate concern. Coddling the homeless and drug abusers is what has driven the current need for Council turnover. “NOMTOM”

    2. One issue is people confusion and automatic hatred for safe injection sites. If these are available the addicts would have some ware safe to get rid of there needles. While working on getting clean and taking the money out of the drug dealers pocket.

      But then again People jump to conclusions about these places with out thinking about how they can help. Or actually doing any research other than posting links from sites the spin things to confuse people and make money from more click’s.

      Or they use old information that is out dated nonsense.

      1. captain obvious,

        I don’t have an automatic hatred of safe injection sites and I admit I have not done any research, but I wonder if addicts are so inconsiderate and careless with their needles now, why would they take the time to go to a safe site? I’m guessing all they care about is getting high and then finding a way to get the next high. None of them are worrying about the safety of non-users. These people need intensive rehab and likely mental help, but only if they actually want to get better. How many of the people you see in Burien do you think actually want to get better? How many do you see that would steal anything they could from you, cheat and lie to get your money and have no desire to stop using. If everyone stopped giving money to the panhandlers, I’m guessing they would move on. If the addicts weren’t allowed to camp on the city benches and in doorways, etc, maybe they would move on too. Stop making it easy for them!! The rest of us who work hard every day are tired of things being stolen and our city looking like a garbage dump.

        1. Well one issue there is people don’t even want give a chance for people to use these places. That are set up to get them clean. End the long run lower crime and issue’s like needles in parks.

          Now the other issue for rehab and metal health cost a lot of money that most state insurance doesn’t cover.
          So say if a homeless person has welfare or ssi and health insurance. They might still not qualify for rehab. Or good mental health care

          Also these safe injection sites the person doesn’t leave with the needle. They also get clean drugs so they don’t have to steal to get money. This also cuts the drug dealers out the picture to. They also get a lower dosage each visit. To make a more comfortable withdraws. Then the shock and awe sickness feening for a fix. Do whatever to get it mentality.

          Do some research on these don’t just take my word for it. I hope more people would take the time to do the research. Especially the ones that make so many assumptions about other human beings with out really knowing what’s going on.

          Here is king county’s faq on the safe injection program http://www.kingcounty.gov/depts/community-human-services/mental-health-substance-abuse/task-forces/heroin-opiates-task-force/faqs.aspx

      2. injection sites wont do any good. most junkies do not like to be watched when they get high. it will attract homeless from other parts of the country, where you go to prison for using hard drugs.to them liberal easy drug citeis are HOMELESS PARIDISE.

  2. During the Burien Clean Sweep, I saw some between the fire station and Walgreens on the east side of the road, next to a fence.

  3. What is wrong with people. How hard is it for ‘needle.users’ to dispose of there trash…there are available garbage containers in all the parks.

    It is so dangerous and inconsiderate to animals, children and teenagers, adults , elderly,disabled ‘non needle users’ (with exception of diabetics and others using needles for medical reasons) to have to worry about and make sure there are no needles they could step on ect. While they are doing there activities in the park. if everybody pitched in and helped pick up needles and litter….problem solved. Why is it that the people that will not pick up ‘dirty garbage’ usually are the ones that create 90% of the mess.
    .to all, have a great and wonderful day and evening

    1. BTW, about 10 people showed up, searched Dottie Harper and the Skateboard Park and found no needles or other signs of drug use.

      1. Well how suprised is everyone. Look at the hypocrisy over this and no needles found or sign of drug use.

        But just about every nay Sayer on here thinks every park is filled with needles and ever homeless person is a thief and addict.

        I am glad to the difference

  4. Enough with the “clean up after the drug users” agenda!

    Use the police, and volunteers, if necessary to monitor the drug activity. Arrest the offenders and put them in prison.

    What is wrong with pursuing strong, strict law enforcement?

    1. The “War on Drugs” was a failure. That is what is wrong with relying solely on strict law enforcement. Safe injection sites protect the addicts, protect the public, and establish a conduit for help for the addicts.

    2. That way has proven not to work since the person keeps using while locked up. Not working on getting clean. Plus learning more ways to break the law when they get out.

      All on the tax payers dime

      Why can’t we try a approach that has worked in other countries. That could lower crimes and the need to hire more police. On the tax payers dime.

  5. This video offers a quick instruction on how to dispose of a dirty syringe that you may find on the ground: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-5rqSswUJ0I There are many reasons why syringes get left on the street, from police harassment of drug users to diabetics having no access to sharps containers. Knowing how to dispose of syringes properly is an easy way to help keep your community safe. To properly dispose of a syringe, there are a few key things that you need to remember, as we demonstrate in this video. Always start with a container that the syringe cannot poke through. We recommend a sharps container if you have access to one. When picking up the syringe, it is ideal to use a pickup stick. However, if you do not have one, remember to never pick up a syringe from the needle tip– always pick it up from the barrel or plunger side. After picking up the needles and putting them in a sealed container, check with your local public health department or city government for all the locations you can dispose of the container. This video features some of the incredible staff at The Emma Goldman Youth and Homeless Outreach Project (EGYHOP) syringe exchange, which is a program of the People’s Harm Reduction Alliance (PHRA). It is also important to note that EGYHOP does many other programs besides syringe exchange and they are incredible asset to the City of Olympia. This video features Cassie Burke of EGYHOP, Lucy Peterson of EGYHOP, Shilo Murphy of PHRA, Meg Martin of EGYHOP, and Max Baer of EGYHOP. The video was directed by Jefferson Doyle of EGYHOP.

  6. Is there going to be a safe Meth using facility next?? Or are we forgetting about the people who are stealing your mail and breaking into your house while your at work. Or steal all the wiring from your business..Burien has a lot of benefits, but the crime and nastiness at night keeps me from buying a rambler for 275k here …yes being sarcastic on the last part..

  7. Speaking of a definitive place to clean up needles, and kick out the squatters. At the Hwy 518 on ramp to Southbound Hwy 509 behind the A frame Thai restaurant on 1st Ave is a bustling bum camp right in the bushes on WASDOT property. Looking for drugs and stolen property just drop in.

  8. Sad news is that if we really want to stop the opioid epidemic, we need to stop the war in Afghanistan (the source/ Afghanistan has major poppy fields).

    & Sadly we will never stop hard drugs from existing. When we sprayed coco plants in South America, Americans began cooking meth in their basement.

    Best thing we can try to do is prevent the conditions which lead to hard drug use, and provide not only rehab, but job & life opportunities which give ppl real goals & things to look forward to/ make ppl feel valued.

  9. Ps: I hate seeing needles in parks as well. It makes me mad ppl can disrespect kids like that. Punishment should come when potential harm is done to others, especially small children.

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