Despite the fading away of the recent snowstorm and hectic holiday season, one thing is not fading away from the psyche of thousands of Burien residents in 2009:


According to neighborhood activist Miriam Bearse, the next “Third Runway Complainers” (our moniker, not hers) meeting will be:

WHEN: Saturday, Jan. 10th, from 3:30pm to 6:30pm

WHERE: SeaTac Community Center Banquet Room, located at 13735 24th Ave. South in SeaTac (see map below)

WHAT: For residents in the area affected by the increased noise caused by the newly-opened third runway. Goals of the meeting include discussing legal options against the Port of Seattle with lawyers, who will be present.

The last residents’ meeting was Friday, Dec. 19th, and here’s what’s went down that night:

  • Despite the snow, 35-40 neighbors attended, which was held at a resident’s house just under the flightpath of the new runway.
  • Resident activist Miriam Bearse led the meeting, encouraging everyone to introduce themselves and talk about their issues with both the increased noise and dealing with the Port of Seattle.
  • Three lawyers were present to discuss the issue. These three have extensive experience in several major class action lawsuits, and all think that residents have a strong legal case. These lawyers will be present at this meeting as well.
  • Everyone left knowing that this was only the first meeting and that many more would ensue.

Bearse recently moved into her new home, directly under the third runway flight path, and here’s a quote from a recent email she sent us:

We finally moved all our belongings in on Sunday, and have been enjoying the full experience of living under the third runway flight path, including diminished sleep, increased stress and inability to carry on a conversation of any length in the home.

I’ve been waking up every 45 minutes to an hour during the night…makes everything much more difficult.

You can read our previous coverage here and here, and here’s the scoop on the next meeting directly from Bearse:

If you are receiving this message, you either attended the meeting on the 19th to talk with neighbors about the impact of the third runway on our community, or you emailed me or others on this list to express your concern or interest in this issue.

At the meeting on the 19th, three lawyers attended who discussed possible legal options to address the impact of the flight path. They have scheduled a follow-up meeting on Saturday January 10th at the Seatac community center – located at 13735 24th Ave. S, SeaTac Washington 98168, in the banquet room, from 3:30 to 6:30pm.

This meeting is for all homeowners/renters who live in any community (including but not limited to S. Seattle, Burien, Tukwila, SeaTac and Des Moines), who are concerned about the current and future potential impact of the third runway flight path on their families and communities.

This meeting is not for officials, the press, or other interested parties.

Please RSVP via email to [email protected]

Also, as an FYI – if you’re affected by noise from the third runway, the best thing you can do is to call the Port of Seattle’s “Noise Hotline” whenever you feel that noise is too high.

The Port monitors the complaints it gets on these hotlines, so it is a vital tool to getting their attention:

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  1. I am the Assistant Parks and Recreation Director with the City of SeaTac, please have someone contact in regarding the space at the SeaTac Community Center because we are not scheduled and we have not recieved an application requesting use of the facility. I can be reached at 206.973.4681. Thank you

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