By Theresa Schaefer

It arrived out of the blue…a simple Amazon package with an anonymous message:

“Have a blast while working towards you hoop (or other) dreams…”

Inside, a brand new basketball net – sent as an unexpected gift – in gratitude for the enjoyment of seeing a young neighbor’s love of the game.

The random act of kindness has not only brightened the day for a neighbor, whose aunt took to social media to send a general thank you, since the gift was truly random and the giver quite unknown. To date, the post has garnered 71 likes on a neighborhood forum. The circle of good keeps extending too, and now, you, dear reader have been touched also.

We noticed the post made by Burien resident Susan Libby, who lives in the Manhattan neighborhood, and in our natural curiosity we had to know more.

It turns out Libby’s nephew, Sullivan Steele, is a high school senior who would normally be playing football, wrestling and running track but due to COVID-19 restrictions is instead channeling his energy (and maybe a few frustrations?) into spirited hoop sessions in between Zoom classes or solo studying. Shooting around with his brother, mom or aunt seems to have inspired his neighbors, who continued in their gift message:

“And thanks for making us smile whenever we drive by seeing you enjoy the game. Stay safe and extend kindness whenever possible. From an inspired and encouraged neighbor.”

In these challenging times, we suspect that many teens are making poor choices in dealing with the loss of social and athletic activities, but hats off to Sullivan for taking a healthy path of physical activity to relieve stress. We can all learn and be inspired by both his choice and the kindness of his neighbor.

“We all think it’s just so nice someone noticed the old net was getting raggedy & took the time to send an anonymous gift with such a lovely note,” Susan told The B-Town Blog.

We couldn’t agree more and send our own hearty B-Town salute, whoever you are, net-giving neighbor!

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