EDITOR’S NOTE: Since our creation in 2007, The B-Town Blog has allowed residents running for local office one free post for when they announce their candidacy:

Burien resident Omaha Sternberg announced this week that she will be running for Burien City Council.

Sternberg joins Kevin Schilling, Cydney Moore, Shelli Park, Robert L. Richmond III, Sofia Aragon and Charles Schaefer (so far) in the 2019 race.

There are three seats up for grabs this year:

  • Pos. #2 (incumbent: Bob Edgar)
  • Pos. #4 (incumbent: Lucy Krakowiak)
  • Pos. #6 (incumbent: Austin Bell, who is not running)

The Primary Election will be Aug. 6, and the General Election will be Nov. 6.

The deadline to file is May 17.

Here’s Sternberg’s announcement:

Dear Citizens of Burien,

I would like to announce my official candidacy for Burien City Council. I would be honored to serve you in this capacity.

Nineteen years ago, I wanted to find a community in which to raise my family. A community with good schools, public transportation, and where I and my family could feel safe, yet didn’t cost my life savings. One with kind neighbors who cared about their city. After months of research, I found Burien, the city that exceeded my expectations. Burien became my home and I haven’t looked back since.

Since that time, I have watched as Burien’s population has increased by more than 20,000 people. That’s a lot of new residents to be absorbed into our city. To attend our schools, use public transportation, police and fire personnel, and social safety nets. Burien is no longer the bedroom community it once was. We struggle with traffic, proper police protection, providing safe public spaces, and the changes that are inevitable when new cultures are introduced.

As your city councilmember, I will work hard to bring about positive change to OUR community. As we have seen, old solutions to today’s problems no longer work. Many issues can be solved quickly while others will need more long-term solutions.

With a bigger city comes bigger responsibilities. Our homeless citizens did not end up on the streets because of a single reason. Homelessness happens from different causes; which means using different solutions to help them off the streets. These solutions require the combined efforts and ideas of law enforcement, citizenry, business, and government to create. One solution that I endorse is the new Community Court, which has already helped those who have committed low-level crimes into a better life.

I will also work with Burien’s economic development department and Discover Burien to ensure that our current and new businesses will have an attractive city in which to remain and grow. I believe that focusing on our small business community and invigorating Olde Burien will bring tourist dollars to our city. With proper economic development, Burien can become a shining example of a city that helps its small business community grow.

As your elected official, I will be your voice on the city council to create and implement these solutions, while renewing our economically and culturally vibrant city. Burien can become a city people will want to work in, to create in, and to move to…like I did nineteen years ago. With your help, we can do this together.

– Omaha Sternberg
Your Next City Councilmember

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