As we first reported last week, a privately-owned 10-acre parcel just south of Burien’s Seahurst Park has recently sold and is under threat of development, and some locals have created a petition to try and stop it or get the city to purchase and preserve it.

King County’s website says the parcel (#1323039006) is located at 14404 18th Ave SW, adjacent to the south side of the park.

The City of Burien told The B-Town Blog that there is a small carveout for the owner to develop up to four house sites, no larger than 10,000 square feet per site, on two acres of the nearly 10-acre parcel that many believed was actually part of Seahurst Park.

This forest is one of the most intact ecosystems in Burien, and is utilized regularly by South Sound Nature School enabling hundreds of kids a year to learn from this uniquely mature and intact forest. Two streams run through this tract, which join the salmon bearing Seahurst Creek.

For more info, visit:

Here’s more info from organizers:

Please contact the Burien City Council via or directly at or by scanning the QR code on the right, and encourage them to acquire this parcel and incorporate it into Seahurst Park, so that it can remain in its pristine state for the edification and enjoyment of our children for decades to come!

Interested in helping spread the word or crowdfunding if necessary? Let’s stay connected: TAKE ACTION!

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  1. So wait. People have been trespassing on private land for an extended period of time so they want the city to steal the property outright now or spend exorbitant sums to purchase and maintain it, rather than apologizing to the owners and thanking them for the accidental years of use?

    Wow. No good deed goes unpunished.

    I think I’m gonna just start having parties in these people’s yards now. After all, they aren’t using them most of the time. If they aren’t actively patrolling it’s fair game, right? I’ll teach some kids about soccer, hypocrisy, and the environmental impact of monocultures on their front lawn. Can you imagine their response?

    Any chance that the new owner would leave the bulk of the property available for shared use has just been destroyed by this effort. Cue 6 foot chain link fence in 5… 4… 3…

    And I don’t blame them one bit.

  2. If you close the access to the park you close access to the water too. And that’s EXACTLY what they want. This should remain the way it is, the community does a good job cleaning up after themselves, taking care of the area so this can remain open. There have been no thefts reported, no break ins and vandalizing of any of the properties nearby. What are you guys referencing this off of? Besides the comfort of people that live there in the area? I am against this 100%. Put a fence up and problem solved.

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