Another day, another dang fine pic of a beautiful Sunrise reflecting on the Olympics and Vashon as photographed by resident Elston Hill (click image to see larger version): aOlympics-SR_0612]]>

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5 replies on “PHOTO: Another day, another dang fine Sunrise as seen from Burien”

  1. Lovely, Elston! Thank you for sharing your photos. BTW – would you or anyone else know what or where that mound is, which is mid-distance, to the right and most white? Interesting shape. But I can’t place it.

    1. I do not know what it is. The “mound” seems like a small mountain that has been clear cut in places giving it alternate patches of white and dark. It seems closer and lower elevation. The look changes dramatically as the sun moves around.

      1. Thanks for the reply Elston. Yes, that’s the one that I am curious about. It is also easily seen in the last of your photos of the Des Moines Sailing regatta. That it has been logged, would help to explain it’s sharp image. A look from a drone could help with it’s location! Looking forward to your next photos!

        1. Last night a neighbor gave me a picture map of the Olympics. I think that “mound” is Mount Walker. It is possible to hike or drive to the top and look across to Seattle and Burien on a clear day.

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