Courtesy resident Elston Hill comes another great photo, this time of ‘The Brothers’ in the Olympic Mountains as they reflect light from Thursday morning’s Sunrise (click image to see larger version): aMount C_0003 According to Wikipedia:

The Brothers are a pair of prominent peaks in the Olympic Mountains which are located near the Hood Canal in Washington state on the boundary between Olympic National Park and The Brothers Wilderness. The south peak, rising to 6,842 feet (2,085 m), is 192 feet (59 m) higher than the north peak No official trails approach the summit, but the south peak is considered a non-technical climb. The Brothers’ distinctive double summit is clearly recognizable from Seattle. In 1856, surveyor George Davidson named these mountains in honor of two brothers of Ellinor Fauntleroy, his future wife. He called the southern peak Mount Edward and northern peak Mount Arthur.
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3 replies on “PHOTO: 'The Brothers' mountains reflect the Thursday morning Sunrise”

  1. Wonderful and so beautiful Elston! Love that fringe of firs at the bottom to accent the great size of these peaks. Absolutely appreciate the info on how The Brothers were named …. less than 200 years ago!! Oh my! How new we are to these shores.

  2. Should imagine just like Denali, these peaks had Native names long before the newbies ‘found’ them.
    Whatever they are called, they are beautiful to look at. Perhaps Shakespeare says it best …. What’s in a name? That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet.

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