step-1 step-2 step-3 step-4 While Burien may have lost one piece of artwork to a truck at lunchtime Wednesday, it gained a new display before dinner when local 11-year old Photojournalist Isabel installed her first official display at The Australian Pie Company on SW 152nd Street. Isabel’s goal is to give the community a glimpse of the incredible student athletes who live and play in B-Town and provide inspiration for younger kids to look up to. “Not everyone can become a professional athlete like a Seahawk, but that should not stop them from doing their best at whatever sport they play,” she said. Isabel first learned about art installations when local artist Linda McClamrock spoke at a Girl Scout meeting last fall. It took awhile to find the right opportunity, sports season and photos to try her own version of a display. “While it was a lot of work getting everything ready, it was really fun to finally hang the photos,” she added. Isabel hopes to update the display periodically to match the current sports season, but only with the right photos. The current display is about one of her favorite sports, which happens to be the same one that got her started…wrestling. See Isabel’s display at the Australian Pie Company, located at 425 SW 152nd Street in downtown Burien. You can also view all the ‘Photos by Isabel’ on The B-Town Blog here.]]>

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