The Southwest corner of Ambaum and SW 152nd Street in Olde Burien was all abuzz on Wednesday (Feb. 17), as Marine Container Solutions delivered two 20-foot containers to the new site of the Highline Heritage Museum.
Two more containers are expected to arrive shortly.
The containers will be used to store various items, which will be used in the museum when it opens later this year.
The museum will serve as a community gathering place and will feature the histories of Burien, SeaTac, Normandy Park and White Center.
You can follow the progress of the renovation and remodeling of this 7,000 square foot museum on Facebook here, or on their website here:]]>

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14 replies on “Containers arrive at new Highline Heritage Museum site in Olde Burien”

  1. How exciting that this is finally coming to fruition, after years of fundraising, grant writing and temporary exhibits, the Highline Heritage Museum will be a reality.
    I personally think this is a great location for the museum on the edge of historic Olde Burien adjacent to restaurants and small retail shops.
    If promoted correctly, this will become a destination that has synergy with the rest of the neighborhood encouraging visitors to discover Burien’s most charming addresses.
    I recall when I first heard of the plans to open a museum there, I balked at the idea, thinking it would never happen because it would be too expensive or would not have enough community support. I am glad I was wrong!

  2. This is a ridiculous idea to have prime retail space used for a museum that I suspect very few people will visit in the long term.

    1. Prime space for retail indeed – but what businesses have been successful there recently? Apparently not enough customers visited them either. That said, while I am all for a historical museum, I am not sure it belongs in prime retail area of olde Burien.

      1. Actually the last business there the organic grocery store closed do to a dispute with the owner of the property. Looking at Hot feet fitness it has gotten some reviews so far. I try to post another comment on this earlier with a link to a letter to the editor about this but this blog glitch and poof message gone.The spam filter does not like a link from it’s own site then it must be on very high alert.

        1. Wasn’t the organic grocery / deli opposite the building where the museum is going in? In any case, I never thought the cross fit place would take off. I didn’t know that the organic grocery closed due to dispute with building owner. I’m sure that they had loyal customers, but doubted that Burien could support such a business.
          I think more businesses would flourish if the urban core of Burien were allowed to develop – not just with right businesses but with the right kind of housing (such as more condos). Putting Merrill Gardens in the middle of town was the wrong decision, imo. Not sure what to make of the apartments going up next to the assisted living place either – as long as they are not low income units. That would be a huge mistake.

          1. Sorry I could not fine the exact address just the intersection. The museum has or had there storage in the basement of building with hot feet fitness. But anyways it might work to have the museum in the business area for tourist’s and family guests that have move away and come to visit. Also schools can do field trips to there and teach the student’s about the history of burien.They could also put in a gift a shop could be another business for burien. There are most likely be a fee to enter the museum or a membership fee. But then again I can kinda understand were you are coming from on this Peter. With parking and all it might be a tough spot but that spot might just been pick because of the cost. To save money for more historic artefact’s or what you want call it.

          2. These projects, you comment on represent a $90 million dollar investment in
            Burien! Do you really believe this is low income housing? Me thinks you have another agenda… I doubt if you could afford to live at either property…stop the negativity! And pettiness…Find something you enjoy…you are a very deliabated sad person my friend!

          3. The Highline Historical Society has owned the property on the SW corner of Ambaum and 152nd for many years. The Crossfit, yoga studio and Pro Fitness were all leasing the space from the HHS over these past many years. The Yoga studio moved to Normandy Park (I believe), Pro Fitness was in the space while their new building was being constructed. Crossfit has moved into a building next to Pro Fitness and is doing very well.
            The Start Fresh Organics folks wanted to buy the building they were in, but were out bid by another purchaser, Hot Feet is just a renter in the space.
            The Highline Historical Society is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit that collects the history of the greater Highline area that includes Burien, parts of White Center, Seatac, Boulevard Park, Normandy Park etc, basically the area served by the Highline School District. It was created with the merger of the HSD museum at Sunnydale, the Burien History Society and a couple of other small history entities. In addition to the usual items found in history museums, it holds the historical components of the school district including photos, yearbooks, newsletters and lots of trophies. They also have the photo morgue from the Highline and White Center Times which date back into the 1920’s. The collection is currently housed in a building in Seatac.

          4. Katherine thanks for adding common sense. Unfortunately we have some low self estem naysayers who comment recklessly on this site with no knowledge of the facts. Like you say, The Pillar Company investment in downtown Burien (Merrill Gardens and Upscale Legacy Apartments is over 90 Million Dollars)…The naysayers want you to believe it is low income housing in Burien. Shame on them…we will never move forward with these type of ignorant negative individuals! Who invests $90 million in any community today? We have it….Thank you Pillar and welcome, Merrill Gardens, Legacy Apartments and the new Museum! Good riddance to the naysayers, and low income housing in Burien…really?…get out and embrace positive change! Burien will reach its potential…the naysayers will move on! And out! Thanks again Katherine.

          5. Interesting well not really someone name Peter said as long as there not low income. Not that they are low income. So what is this “agenda” your speaking of. I understand some people on here make rude comments about the low income on here. But I don’t see this as really being one of those.

  3. What will the parking be like for visitors to the museum? Will they need to move their car if they want to go to shops or go to an eatery after visiting the museum? Please know I am all in favor of the museum. Just curious what parking arrangements have been made for the visitors.

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