Story & Photos by Elston Hill Contrary to perceptions, we live in a drought area during most of our growing season. Burien resident Shon Robinson (pictured below) specializes in assisting people plant gardens that are low maintenance, require minimal watering, and attract birds. Sunday morning (July 30), we visited the garden in the back of his house and saw the evidence of his successful gardening method. His variety of flowers are so successful in attracting a wide variety of bird species that he does not even use bird seed to bring birds to his garden. Earlier in the morning we also walked down to the public beach at Three Tree Point. The salmon runs have started and numerous fishing boats were trolling the area. Click images to see larger versions/slideshow: ]]>

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3 replies on “PHOTOS: Contrary to perceptions, we live in a drought area…”

  1. How does one contact Shon Robinson for the assistance he offers? He has a garden design business, and the writer should have put that information in the article.

  2. What little there is left of the lawn in crunchy and brown, in the finest Northwest tradition at our home (let it go dormant?). Those pictures of the hummingbirds are stunning!

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