Courtesy resident Elston Hill comes these amazing photos of a recent visitor to his Burien garden – a likely Rufous Hummingbird. Click images to see larger versions/slideshow: aBirdie_0016 aBirdie_0031 aBirdie_0033 aBirdie_0045 aBirdie_0057 aBirdie_0062a aBirdie_0078 aBirdie_0083 [NOTE: If you think we’re wrong about the species, please leave a comment below…thanks!]]]>

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5 replies on “PHOTOS: Closeups of a beautiful Hummingbird visiting a Burien backyard”

  1. Thank you for providing a glimpse of natural beauty and graceful precision in a world that can seem manufactured and impossibly chaotic.

    1. This is the curious thing about humming birds. Their life might seem placid, but it is anything but. Watch humming birds for awhile, and you will see lots of conflict over territory and food.
      We were traveling to bird lodges in Ecuador. At one lodge, the hummingbird feeders were kept constantly full. But there was lots of bickering. And one bully hummingbird sat on a branch guarding one of the feeders so that no other birds could use that feeder darting out if any other hummingbird dared venture towards this feeder.
      In between taking shots of this hummingbird in our garden, I observed it having big fights with another hummingbird.

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