Resident Elston Hill was out and about before the big storm(s), and took some great photos of flowers and plant life he found while walking around the neighborhood. “Spring is definitely coming to the neighborhood,” Elston said. Click images to see larger versions/slideshow: aRhodie2016_0543 aRhodie2016_0505 aRhodie2016_0625 aRhodie2016_0626 aRhodie2016_0611 aRhodie2016_0629 aRhodie2016_0593 aRhodie2016_0614 aRhodie2016_0597 aRhodie2016_0584 aRhodie2016_0559 aRhodie2016_0532 aRhodie2016_0521 aRhodie2016_0495 aRhodie2016_0493 aRhodie2016_0499 aRhodie2016_0513 aRhodie2016_0574 aRhodie2016_0578 aRhodies2016_0652]]>

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