The body of a dead Sea Lion washed up on the north side of Burien’s Three Tree Point beach this week.

It’s unknown when this marine mammal died, or what the cause was.

However, Jamie at the Marine and Science Technology (MaST) Center in Des Moines told us that Orcas have been swimming around the area, and they are known to be predators to Sea Lions.

Randy Williams of the MaST Center also told us Thursday that he would be heading up a recovery effort for the body, as the center would like to display the skeleton.

We’ll be following this developing story, so stay tuned.

Scott Schaefer took these pics:

(NOTE: Scott also called this in to the Marine Mammal Stranding Network – which is what residents should do when finding dead marine animals – at 1-866-767-6114; they are sending someone from the MaST Center in Des Moines to investigate)>

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2 replies on “PHOTOS: Dead Sea Lion washes up on north side of Three Tree Point”

  1. Looks like he had been dead for quite a while.
    I`m surprised he didn’t wash up during that storm
    a while back.

  2. Hi there,
    Jamie from the MaST here! We successfully removed the animal from the beach. It was a male Sea Lion (could not tell species due to stage of decomposition – two to three weeks since time of death), he was about 6 and a half feet long – This means either a small California Sea Lion or a subadult Stellar Sea Lion… but we typically have California’s in this area.
    Upon investigation, no injuries/trauma were discovered and there were no obstructions in the airways or GI tract. What does this all mean? Well, unfortunately we can’t draw too many conclusions from this animal or what may have killed it, and it definitely died before the Orcas were in town! However, we would be comfortable narrowing it down to natural cause or possibly illness. The remains were collected to use as an educational display/activity at the MaST Center.
    If you or someone you know have a marine mammal on your beach in the Federal Way, Des Moines or Burien area, call the MaST Center Stranding Team at 206-724-2687
    Thank you to the homeowners who allowed us to monopolize their beachfront view for the day! We greatly appreciate your consideration and patience.
    Jamie Woodward
    AmeriCorps Service Member
    Marine Mammal Stranding Team/Volunteer Coordinator
    Marine Science and Technology Center, Highline College

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