Story & Photos by Scott Schaefer Highline High School’s Ceramics class recently held its annual ‘Monster Fundraiser’ – where fun, playful ceramic ‘Monsters’ created by students were displayed and sold – raised over $1,337! This total beats the goal of $1,000, and will go into a fund that will help students in need. “This money will go right into our Invest Ed account here at Highline and be able to be used right away to help students pay for class fees, field trips, uniforms, and many other school/life expenses that our students need,” Teacher Erin Carlton told The B-Town Blog. Here’s more on this project:

These creatures are the first project made by Ceramics 1 students. Students learn how to work with clay to sculpt the body of the monster and add the arms, legs, horns, tails, and spikes. Once they finish sculpting the monsters they apply an underglaze, which is like the paint of ceramics — it adds color to the monster. After they underglaze the monster it goes into the kiln for the first firing where the monster transforms from clay to ceramic. After the kiln firing they are overglazed with a clear Shiny glaze — and put into the kiln again. The monsters were available for adoption as a fundraiser that helps raise money for Invest Ed, which is a fund for fees for HHS Students who need financial assistance.
Students, teachers, staff, friends and relatives all were able to bid and buy – er, adopt – their own Monster(s) at a recent showing. Each Monster includes a profile with their name, likes, dislikes, and a promise if they are “adopted.” “Thanks again for your participation!” Erin added. “The students are so excited that they helped raise all this money! Look out for the monsters again next year. Keep calm and clay on!” Here are photos from the event – be sure to read the text of the Monster profiles, which are fun (one Monster even promises “not to steal your wife”!): ]]>

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