Courtesy Elston Hill comes these great photos showing the recent smoky skies in Burien:

“I was startled when we got home at 3 p.m. Tuesday. The sky looked yucky. Very hazy and/or dirty. Turns out that not only will we have heat in the coming days, but the air quality will deteriorate as well. Compounding the air quality issues are fires in BC with smoke drifting our way. Well before official sunset, the sun turned red this evening. The Olympics were not visible. And at the normal sunset time, there was only a black ooze above the Olympics.”
Here’s a NASA satellite image showing the amount of smoke over our region: Also note – there is a Burn Ban in effect, and according to the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency. the current air is unhealthy for sensitive groups:
For August 2-4: Air is UNHEALTHY FOR SENSITIVE GROUPS in many parts of Puget Sound due to the British Columbia wildfires. Children, pregnant, and older adults, and those with pre-existing heart or lung conditions should stay inside if you can. High smog levels are also likely in the afternoons in the Cascade foothills.
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