On Wednesday (Aug. 31) the City of Normandy Park released its latest monthly Newsletter (PDF file), which included what we think are some pretty cool photos of the demolition of Sylvester Road Bridge, including the following description:

After standing for 80 years, it only took 8 days for the Sylvester Bridge to fall under the wrecking ball. In August, after considerable preparation by the project contractor SB Structures, demolition work was completed on the landmark bridge, making way for construction of its replacement. For the next few weeks, the contractors will be removing the rubble from the ravine, and doing the preparation work for construction for the new supports on both sides of the chasm.
While starting slowly, demolition work picked up pace in the middle of August, when a 5000 lb wrecking ball replaced the 3500 lb ball initially used. The series of photos shows a large section of bridge collapsing after repeated blows from the wrecking ball.
After the debris removal and site preparation, crews will begin to build the new abutments this September and early October, with bridge construction itself starting in mid-late October. Construction of the bridge is expected to be complete by the Holidays.

We’re not sure if there’s any video of this demo, but in the meantime here’s an attempt at an Animation made from the pics:

Here’s a photo taken Tuesday evening (Aug. 30) by an unknown, intrepid Photographer who risked life and limb to capture the progress of the replacement bridge – as you can see, it’s now pretty much just an empty chasm waiting to be built on:

King County also released the following, updated detour route:
For more information on the Sylvester Road Closure and Construction project, click here:



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