Tuesday morning (Nov. 3) around 10:15 a.m. between Burien and Vashon Island (closer to Vashon), Elston Hill photographed a pod of seven Orca whales – including a baby! – heading north (click images to see larger versions/slideshow): aOrca2015_3287 aOrca2015_3266 aOrca2015_3259 aOrca2015_3262 aOrca2015_3126 There were also a number of commercial fishing boats along Vashon. Elston adds:

Orcas come into Puget Sound to feed every October. I assume that the numerous commercial fishing boats around Vashon were there for the same reason. Keep your eyes peeled for killer whales. Orca pods that spend the summer in the San Juan Islands are expected to show up in Puget Sound any moment now. That’s according to the Orca Network, which tracks the killer whales via a network of volunteer spotters.

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