Some recent photographic awesomeness from resident Elston Hill:

On Friday (Sept. 1), The Virginia V. – built in 1922 when roads were frequently impassable – cruised past Burien’s shores. This wooden steamer was built of old growth fir and became part of the ‘mosquito fleet’ that supported the commerce and communications of Puget Sound. For 16 years after it was built, it carried commuters and supplies between Tacoma and Seattle. Today it resides at Lake Union and is still powered by its original steam engine. It is one of the few remaining ships from the thousands of mosquito fleet ships that sailed all over the United States a century ago. Click images to see larger versions/slideshow:
Some other scenes from a brown and dry summer in Burien:
The Thenben 8,000 car capacity cargo ship, built in 2016, recently passed Burien en route to the Port of Tacoma. Owned and operated by Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics, a privately owned Norwegian/Swedish shipping company (could there be brand new Volvos on board?):

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