Resident Elston Hill and his wife Jackline went down to Three Tree Point Thursday morning (Jan. 5) to watch the sunrise. “Planes were landing from the south,” Elston said. “But before sunrise, they changed direction and were taking off to the south. One of the best weather predictors in Burien is to watch the direction of the planes. When they land from the north, it will be cloudy or rainy. When they land from the south, weather will be clear.” Elston adds:

As dawn arrived, the birds began to arrive. Sunrise on the Olympics. The Eagles love the wind – they can just soar without flapping their wings. A container ship passes with the Two Brothers in the background.
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6 replies on “PHOTOS: Winter sunrise and sunset at Burien's Three Tree Point”

  1. Do you know, does Mr. Hill have photos on display anywhere? Or does he sell prints of his work? Or have a website? Thank you.

  2. I was just looking at your link Elston, you guys are really good and it looks like you live a good life. Keep it up

  3. These are awesome. I’ve been fooling with a camera for almost 10 years trying to learn how to take pictures like these! Unfortunately, I think serious photography as a hobby is out of my price range right now.
    Very nice pictures – thanks.

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