Early Friday morning (April 29), and with the assistance of eight different agencies, Burien Police detectives served search and arrest warrants on eight residences throughout King and Pierce County.

Police say the investigation stemmed from a narcotics case which originated in Burien and led them to mid and high level narcotics traffickers.

Burien PD received vital assistance from the King County Sheriff’s Office detectives and SWAT, Washington State Patrol SWAT, Pierce County Sheriff’s Office SWAT, Seattle Police SWAT, Shoreline Police detectives, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and the Tacoma Narcotics Enforcement Team (TNET).

Police also had a Prosecutor from the King County Prosecutor’s Office Case Development and Asset Forfeiture Unit assist them at their command post.

Ten adults were arrested with charges pending on other suspects. Charges will likely include possession with intent to distribute narcotics, conspiracy to deliver narcotics, felon in possession of firearms, and possession of stolen property.

The investigation is ongoing, but police seized the following items:

  • Heroin in excess of 1 lbs
  • Crystal methamphetamine in excess of 4 lbs
  • Liquid synthetic Heroin
  • Multiple firearms including handguns and rifles (some stolen) and body armor
  • Approx $150,000 in cash
  • Nine vehicles

“Our detectives worked extremely hard on this case and are still in the field processing evidence to ensure a successful prosecution of the involved suspects,” police said.

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25 replies on “Police arrest 10, recover heroin, meth, $150,000 cash, guns, 9 cars in huge bust”

  1. Thank you officers and your families for all the sacrifices you make to keep our streets safe. You are in my prayers of protection and thanksgiving every day!

  2. Excellent job officers! Thank you for your hard work and dedication to this very serious problem plaguing our country. This is where our tax dollars need to be spent, please keep up the good work!

  3. Good job to all agencies involved! Thank you for what you do for us and the community! You are greatly appreciated and respected foe what you do. Thank ypu thank ypu thank you!!!!

  4. This “B-town” has disappointed me. I moved here June 2015 and I have been ripped off many times! Today takes the cake. Parking behind my place of work, my car was broken into and ripped off!!!
    Clean up this town with all the street creeps and drug addicts. I have really tried to give this town second chance….not anymore.
    Burien counsel needs to “fumigate” the streets and take ‘B-town’ back!
    Unhappy citizen.

    1. Did you leave any valuables in eye sight and do you have a alarm system and if not I would suggest in getting one. Also how is the area behind your work is well lighted is there a lot of foot traffic. Also have these rip offs all happen in the same location. These are things you might want to think about. This could just be one thief that just found you as a target. It’s is very unfortunate that this activity has happen to you but have to understand that the police can not be everywhere all the time and there are simple steps people need to take to be safe and not become a victim.
      It seems like you might also want to look at getting the locks change on your car some thefts have shaved keys for some brands or models of cars. Getting a off market or different brand of lock might help stop the criminal in there tracks.

      1. Jimmy,
        So clearly you have NEVER worked on a car before. What is an “off market lock” ?do you buy that on the black market? You have to have an exact style to fit the vehicle. Also if your car is under warranty and you modify anything on your car, you will void your warranty. Locks are a deterrent, but if someone wants to get in your car they will find a way. Stop blaming the victim for the bad behavior of the thieves.
        @ Joy, sorry your car was broken into. It is a violation of you and your property.

        1. Me, Unfortunately Jimmy/jimmy spouts advice on all sorts of issues that he has no experience with.

        2. Me
          I have work on cars and your right you do need a certain model of lock to fit your car but if you go any car auto supply shop most can look up what will fit your car.If your car under warranty then you have car the dealership you purchase the car from or your bank or who holds the warranty.
          Also off market has nothing to do with black market off market is what non original car manufactures sell.
          So like non stock items like different door handles bumpers mirrors locks lights gear shifters seat covers stuff like that.
          Since some car thefts in area have shaved keys having a different lock install can make it difficult for the criminal to get in.
          It can cost a little bit to get the job done but in the end could be well worth it. say it’s $200 but you have had a $600 car stereo that’s been stolen 3 times paying $200 to save you $600 or $1,800 in the long run seems worth it to me.
          Plus your car insurance dealer might even like this and help you with your rates. Like with your home sometimes if you get alarm your home your insurance rates might go down if you talk with your insurance dealer.

        3. Sorry it’s aftermarket not off market but nothing to-do black market and if you knew anything about cars you should know about these items. The item is called a lock cylinder that can be change out some even need replacing after awhile.

        4. In my opinion. .Burien is not a safe or good place to live. Its crime stats speak for itself. Ask a Deputy how many of them live in town. It’s an ugly town after hours…My opinion again only..Thank you Bpd for doing your absolute best to hold the line in dangerous and troubling times.

      2. Jimmy, I have a better idea: crackdown on the thugs, thieves, and druggies in Burien. Clean it up, or the city will continue to decline, crime will continue to increase. It is a proper role of government to protect its citizens, and that is what we need to demand of our govt.

    2. I very much agree.
      There has been so much crime in Burien.
      In the three years I’ve lived here I’ve had a murderer next door, drug activity and attempted murder all from one house. I’m so tired of all the crime.

  5. Sorry to hear of this.
    One idea to consider, Start electing republicans, like in my hometown of Normandy Park. Down here in Southern California, most cities are run by republicans. Those that have these types of Burien crime problems, are usually democrat run, like Palm Springs.
    Last fall, the city of palm Springs elected new councilors who pledged to be tougher on crime and stop government corruption.
    Republican run cities, like thousand oaks, camarillo, murrieta, Temecula, and Carlsbad, have lower crime scores.
    Overall, Northern California has higher crime rates since more cities are democrat run, such as Sacramento and San Francisco.
    San Diego, has half the crime rate of sactown and SFO.
    Overall, compared to up north, Southern California republicans are very socially liberal on stuff like immigration, gay marriage, and family planning. It’s just that they tend to be tougher on crime and protecting families, like in orange county. Why this is the case, I don’t know, but have some ideas.
    But it’s not just that. Kids in Burien are bored. The population density is too high, they keep building more smart growth towers everywhere, and there aren’t enough parks, trails, and open space. Under the airport flight path they built a jail in part of the mountain bike park. I don’t know if they ever finished the parks and trails near north sea tac park.
    If you watch cops, most of the police are republican cities down here, like in orange county, as we call it… “the OC” The show features extreme examples. That’s the way it works down here. I’ve been searched and released three times by pulling over in the dark at night to look at a map or answer a cell phone. It’s the voters of Burien who can decide if they want that sort of aggressive surveillance from republicans.
    Let me know what you think……. 🙂

    1. Wait, is this the same Normandy Park that’s running out of money to afford a fully manned Police department?

  6. Hi Tom Lane,
    Most people up here live in Fairy Tale Land. The elect the same old tired liberal politicians who are soft on crime and who spend our tax money on boondoggles that benefit their friends and relatives and then hope that somehow all the drug addicts and criminals will disappear on their own.
    The idea of having adults who are concerned with protecting our property and lives run the city and county is beyond reason for most of my fellow King County citizens.
    Many don’t even want criminal illegal’s deported and then marked from rentering the country.
    It is a fairy tale existence up here, just like San Francisco.

  7. Easy for you to sit there in California and speculate. Truth is, when our elected officials, (let me explain, that is whom we voterd choose to elect) make a proposition for social programs (ie. Dow Constantine’s support for the research- and science-based “Best Starts for Kids levy proposal” in 2015), there is always the critism from the other side. You want a solution, be part of the solution. Easy to sit there and bring an ancient, narrow-minded perspective to the conversation when it’s a much larger, modern bi-partisan solution we need. And don’t even get me started on conservatives who do nothing but complain and think blaming liberals is going to EVER make a difference. Try bringing a realistic, modern approach to the table. You’re either contributing to a solution, or you’re continuing the ignorance.

    1. Hello, Actual Burien Homeowner,
      I Think the bi-partisan solution is what you see in Orange County or Riverside County, counties that vote 50-50 Republican-Democrat. They two parties work very well together. And, to be a Republican and get elected you MUST be pro-immigration, pro-equal rights, pro-gay rights, pro-Native American rights, pro-environment, etc. etc. So the end result is Republicans and Democrats solving problems. Look at Riverside County Supervisor MArion V. Ashley. He, is a REPUBLICAN, was elected by 70% over his opponent, and has established a conservation reserve system to protect endangered plants in the county !!! He also established the Inland Empire Health Plan, which has helped thousands of low income residents !!! These Republicans are very different down here and I’m very glad to see it. Ashley -http://www.rivcodistrict5.org/supervisor-marion-ashley-staff
      Such is not the case up north (I grew up in your area) where the Republicans refuse to ever work with the Democrats. Instead, they start forming special interest groups like “Washington Policy Center.” Did you know that this group is having a luncheon in Bellevue with former Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal ? Who is going to attend THAT ? Google that, I don’t want to promote it ! LOL Anyway, I’m a Fiscal Conservative, Socially very liberal, regards – Tom in Riverside County, CA

  8. Normandy Park votes Republican, because they don’t want or need social programs taking their money.
    Burien votes Democrat because they need those social programs to survive.
    2 totally different demographics.
    Let’s make America great again for all legal citizens!

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