If you’re wondering why there was so much police activity in/near Burien’s Shorewood neighborhood Thursday (March 23), here’s what we know – the King County Sheriff’s Office is reporting that officers chased a vehicle wanted in connection with a robbery, and pursued and caught five suspects in the area.

It all started when a deputy spotted a vehicle wanted in connection to a robbery that occurred last week in SeaTac. The officer gave chase to the 12800 block of Shorewood Drive, where the suspects ran.

“One of our alert officers saw a car driving down the roadway which matched the descriptions of a serial robbery crew,” Capt Bryan Howard said. “This crew had been robbing victims throughout King County and using a gun to commit their crimes. All police agencies were on the lookout and today, our officer saw them. As soon as the driver saw our officer pull behind, he rapidly accelerated and began passing traffic on the shoulder of the road. “

Howard added:

“Pursuits are dangerous and we always weigh the risk of pursuing to the risk of letting the suspects get away. In this case, we continued the pursuit until they pulled over in the Shorewood area and ran from their car. We set a perimeter up and called for a K9 team. Our helicopter also responded. The good news is all 5 suspects were located! We are sorry if our presence alarmed many of the residents, and appreciate your patience as we searched from yard to yard.

Today, some very dangerous people are in jail and that’s the way it should be!”

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9 replies on “Police apprehend 5 robbery suspects near Shorewood Drive in Burien Thursday”

  1. These people were stealing phones. Any connection with the machine in Fred Meyer foyer that pumps out cash for phones? Just wondering …..maybe we could ask Fred Meyer to remove this enticement…

    1. The company that runs those machines does a very good job of working with law enforcement. I had an opportunity to sit in a presentation they gave regarding how they work the police and thought they do a great job.

    2. I recently met with the Fred Meyer manager last week and he said it is a “corporate” decision and they are aware of the community’s concerns. If you are there sometime just watch the people using the machine putting in a number of phones… no doubt this needs to stop. Contacting Fred Meyer Corporate might help or the company taking in the phones directly.

    3. you might want to get all the facts before posting this. Armed robberies, burglaries, wanted in possible shootings. They were wanted by many agency’s..

  2. Weird. When I think of Shorewood Drive, don’t think hotbed of phone heists; I think of eagle watching, beach walking, coffee sipping and rhodedren pruning. Obvs they didn’t know the area at all and that like much of the Burien area, there’s nowhere to go in a car chase and the roads are super windy and they deadens?? That’s like trying to flee into Seahurst Park. Glad they caught them.

  3. Thanks for catching them, I can sleep a little more sound. I really appreciate the job well done!

  4. Kudos to the Police and Sheriffs for apprehending these suspects so quickly before they could endanger the public any further. It’s an easy location to escape into the wooded trails, so catching 5 people on foot is no easy task. I will definitely sleep sounder tonight knowing that they are all in custody.

    1. If you’ve ever seen footage of the helicopter at work, they use thermal imaging cameras, so they probably found a couple of coyotes and Mikey the lost dog at the same time. It’s pretty cool.

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