The King County Sheriff’s Office is seeking the public’s help in identifying an unknown Hispanic male who called himself ‘Juan,’ and who assaulted a female on the Highline High School campus on Friday, May 5 around 8 p.m.: Police say that the 22-year old victim told them that the suspect – in his mid 20’s, around 180 pounds, with a medium build, brown eyes, short black hair, a black jacket, blue jeans, and black shoes – had attacked her about 20 minutes prior meeting with them. She said she had never seen the male before, and had been walking her dog on the property of the school campus at 225 S. 152nd Street. The victim said she was on a path by the lunchroom, and there was a sporting event going on at the school, and there was a crowd of people leaving the event. The male approached her from the front and asked her how to get to the game, and told her his name was “Juan.” She gave him directions to the game. Eventually he went over and stood by a tree nearby for a couple of minutes before re-approaching her and trying to pet her dog. Her dog began growling and she told him the dog wouldn’t let him pet. Police say that at this time she picked up her dog and began running away, and the suspect chased after her. He caught up with her and wrapped one of his arms around her neck, then constricted her neck with his arm; she said it made her struggle to breathe. Eventually she was able to get away and she ran home. Police add that the suspect ran toward the crowd of people leaving the sporting event, and that she did not know if he got into a car or not. The female victim sustained a fractured jaw.

If you have any information on this suspect, please call the King County Sheriff’s Office at (206) 296-3311.

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13 replies on “Police seeking suspect who fractured woman's jaw on Highline High campus”

  1. Why did this obvious public safety information take more than three weeks to come out?

  2. Why is this story just now reaching the media? I hope the woman is able to quickly recover both physically and emotionally.

  3. Thinking about this story seems like there something missing. Why would she pick up her dog and start running. Most people if you’re dog acts up they tug on the collar and give a command for it to calm down. Unless there was some other words or actions exchanged. I don’t understand why she started running.
    Also why would someone introduce them self on a first name basis to ask for simple directions​. Sounds like it may have been something else. Like a dating app mistake or something.
    I feel sorry for the lady involved but something just seems a little off with her story.

    1. What difference does it make if it’s a “dating app mistake”? There’s still a guy out there who tried to choke a girl and fractured her jaw in the process.

      1. Yes If there is a guy out there doing this then yes he needs to be caught and punish. But in these cases the victim needs to be completely honest with the police.But this women’s story doesn’t make much sense. Also why did she run away from the crowd of people that could have possibly stopped the guy. Even possibly help her or bring more attention to the situation. Then to run strait home the guy could have double back and followed her home. Then there no mention of if the dog bit the suspect during the attack. Dogs tend to protect there owners it growled. I have feeling the women in this story leaving some information out hopefully only due to embarrassment of the situation and not trying to make some political statement or some other nonsense against a race of people.

        1. Think about this you go online to find a date or some one to hangout with. You find the person is a little creepy or off putting. But you know them by a first name basis and have looked at profile picture. Wondering about them before meeting them. Then you meet them you feel awkward. Maybe you have political differences​ you get in a little argument. Tell the person hey this not for me good bye. Then something happens guy puts his hands on you. Luckily you get away. But are a little embarrassed of the situation so tell the police something different when the police could use that information to track the person down.
          Or could it be situation like this: you’re out walking your dog and you trip and fall hurt your jaw. Then go to the doctor find out oh I got fracture jaw and your bill is $700. Then you try to file a insurance claim your insurance company says oh umm was there crimal act involved and what is the police report number for the case. You go I am going have to call you back thanks good bye.
          Then you decide for what ever reason make a story to tell police to get that report and case number. Then call your insurance company back ok here is the information. Send me my check oops I mean file my claim.
          I could be completely wrong about this if I am do apologise but some people do odd stuff to get back someone or to get some money in a tuff situation. This story just has a few holes in it. I think the police might need to ask some more questions. This also could be why it took so long for it to get out to the public.

          1. C.O. Wouldn’t it make more sense to say you have some questions about what happened, instead of ascribing all your ‘feelings’ about what might have happened.
            Consider this projection on the story:
            The woman is approached about how to get to the game. But the guy does not go to the game, and instead hangs out a short distance away and then comes back to her and approaches her dog. We have no details about the dog. For all we know it was a small pure bred dog and she may have thought he could be a dog nabber and thus made a hasty retreat.
            At any event, the police need to at least talk to this guy. And she deserves are well wishes and to be considered an innocent victim until proven otherwise.

          2. As I stated before if this did happen then yes the guy needs to be caught. But for women to know the suspect by first name and be able to give the police a detailed description enough for a sketch artist to draw out a sketch. Also make it’s​ seem as there was some other contact going on here. Like a dating website or app witch the police could get a warrant and get the suspect information and talk to them or make a arrest if needed.

  4. This sounds like a bunch of “Blame the Victim” Bull. If you have not been in her shoes, you have no idea exactly what you would do!
    What makes sense to some jerk sitting home playing on his computer has nothing to do with the reality of the situation at hand. She did what her instincts told her to do. Whether or not there were better options is irrelevant.

    1. Sorry but there are some holes in the story. That could possibly provide with more information to make that arrest. Now yes as it been explain it is wrong for what the guy may have done.
      All I am saying more information needs to be provided to the police. To fill in the holes to decide is needed. Because we also only have one side of the story. I don’t want protect the suspect but he is innocent until proven guilty.
      Think if you in the now suspect shoes and did not do any of the action explained​ now every one around you thinks you’re guilty. Just because you have no idea the police are even looking for you. Then you see this story and a few comments blaming you with out even knowing your side of the story.
      Now you take the roll of all men are evil and want sex all the time. That’s just how every single one are. They see a lady a lone and sure enough. Because of a few men that have messed up in your life. Or you could take a common sense approach and get both sides of story be for making a decision.
      Also I am not just a idiot behind a computer I have lived a life that had trouble times were actually I was in a hostage situation and other tuff situations​ I have gone through in my life. Like having a ak-47 pulled on me after some one try to rip off a family member a sks that the bayonet almost cut my dam ear off over a situation of guy that messed with the wrong girl. To name a few situations that luckily I not a part of those situations any more have changed my life around from years ago.

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