Port of Seattle Commissioners on Tuesday, Feb. 26 approved a motion in support of legislative proposals that create a statewide commercial aviation coordinating commission, charged with making recommendations on a site for future commercial air service activity.

As the operators of the state’s primary commercial service airport, the Port of Seattle acknowledges that growth trends in our state indicate that commercial air service demand will eventually surpass what we have planned to accommodate with our current and future investments at Sea-Tac.

The Port supports a regional conversation about how our state will meet those long-term needs, including the study of a second regional airport site. However, a second airport does not alleviate the need for the SAMP Near-Term Projects, currently under environmental review, to accommodate the growth coming in the next decade, and that we should prepare to manage sustainably, efficiently, and safely.

From the motion:

The Port of Seattle welcomes partnership with the State in addressing long-term planning to meet the passenger and air cargo demands that the economy is creating. A commission created by the Legislation is an important step in this direction, allowing a diverse group of directly involved stakeholders to review data, assess future needs and recommend next steps about meeting those needs. Considering the importance of air service to the region, the Port appreciates the intention of the state to partner in considering future regional demand for passenger and cargo service to keep Washington state moving.

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