The King County Sheriff’s Office is reporting that a possible gang-related shooting took place near the Burien Transit Center Friday night around 6:15 p.m.

Police said that nobody was shot or injured, in Sounds like a vehicle drove by and fired shots

Sgt. Cindi West told The B-Town Blog that two groups were reported to be shooting at each other near SW 150th Street and 4th Ave SW (map below).  

A parked car was apparently hit, as well as a building.

No suspects have been found yet.

As we learn more, we’ll update this post…

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31 replies on “Possible gang-related shooting near Burien Transit Center Friday night”

    1. Spot the Borg Cat – a couple of druggies stole some stuff out of someone’s car while they were taking their laundry into the laundromat (and left the car briefly unattended). The owners of the car later found and confronted the thieves and then the police came. I believe there was an altercation between the owners of the car and the thieves and that’s what prompted the significant police response. That area has a lot of petty crime / police activity – we tend to focus on the transit center, library Safeway area but really its all over Burien now.

  1. Multiple shots fired at a transit center in the 6 pm hour and it’s just routine enough now we don’t even comment.

    1. Yes. When rush hour bus passengers are scared and trying to hide behind the walls of the bus shelter, which they were when my husband got off the bus right in the middle of it, it might be time to take this seriously.

      1. I had been downtown on 3rd and Madison in the dark by myself feeling like I should get home to Burien. Boarded a bus and 20 minutes later we arrive at the Transit Center to police all over the place. Our bus driver had no idea at first if it was an active situation and hesitated to pull in. Walked through it all to get home. Would have felt more secure back at the 3rd Ave bus stop where the only other person was looking at funny cat videos on their cell phone.

  2. Ho hum, another day in B-town (does the “B” stand for bullets?). But don’t worry, the local taquerias closed down for a day in protest of Trump’s promise to deport illegal immigrants who commit crimes like…. gang shootings.

    1. The narrow minded will not be convinced by data; however, current research proves that crime rates are reduced as a result of immigration. Take a look for yourself:

      Whether you appreciate it or not, Burien is becoming a better place to live and the majority of us support the progressive decisions of our City Council.

      This is not a comment on the shooting per se, but on the reaction of the noisy conservatives among us.

      1. The article you cite does not even make the claim that immigration reduces the crime rate. Let’s stick to reality and facts: if you are here illegally and commit a serious crime, you do not belong here and need to be deported. For the rest, we need reform of our immigration laws to have a process wherein they can become documented and legal. This business of having immigration laws and wanton disregard for those laws is untenable.

        1. I fully support sticking to the facts, and here they are:
          (1) A Day without Immigrants is not a protest in support of crime, which you libelously claim. I suggest you do some more research on that.
          (2) You don’t know any of the details of this shooting, so to claim that it was perpetrated by an immigrant is irresponsible. This shows that you are willing to scapegoat and bully marginalized people, which is abhorrent.
          (3) Burien is becoming more progressive and attitudes like yours are going extinct.

          If you did not find that NY Times reference convincing, here is another in plain language to support your learning:

        2. Peter,
          The referenced article cites a number of studies that show the crime rate among immigrants is less than among native born citizens. Adding a group with a lower population to our existing population would reduce the crime rate (though, not significantly). More importantly, it certainly disproves Trump’s fear mongering claims about the immigrants typically being dangerous criminals.
          No one objects to prosecuting and/or deporting violent criminals. The objection is to breaking up families whose only offense was to come into the country illegally.

          1. Well Lee – thank you for not accusing me of libel, or making other hysterical accusations (like some other posters do). Regarding the study – I get your logic. However, whether or not immigrants increase the crime rate is irrelevant. What matters is that any immigrant here illegally needs to be deported **if** they commit a serious crime. We do have people here that need to be deported – but I agree with you that families minding their own business should not be bothered pending reform of our immigration system which hopefully will soon provide a path to documentation. I actually think we agree more than we disagree. But unfortunately some here seem to prefer division rather than dialogue and understanding.

          2. “The narrow minded will not be convinced by data; however, current research proves that crime rates are reduced as a result of immigration.”

            “The referenced article cites a number of studies that show the crime rate among immigrants is less than among native born citizens.”

            “Native-born citizens” includes African-Americans, who commit a staggeringly large proportion of the crime in America, relative to their percentage of the population. Immigrants tend to displace African-Americans from the inner cities over time, so it would follow that the crime rate would decrease somewhat.

            It would be nice if leftists would be honest with their arguments and admit that they’ve been reduced to “immigrants commit less crime than African-Americans per capita,” because that’s all these bogus studies reveal.

            This is the same shell game they play with their comparisons between our children’s test scores and those of other First-World nations, most of which don’t play host to a massive Third-World minority.

            Show me the comparison between the crime rate/test scores of immigrants and European-Americans.

  3. It’s really not going to help the Merrill Gardens retirement center or those new apartments when it comes to sales or rental contracts.
    New motto – “Move to Burien, take a bullet”

    1. QA, I do agree about what our fair city will look like to prospective tenants of The Merrill Gardens. Another problem may be gang members finding access to ‘The Gardens’ via elderly relatives. This happens and can be very difficult to curtail. The bad egg initially is given access to ‘help’ their relative and then help themselves to regular SS and pension checks, drugs and a place to hide. Soon they find access to other resident’s apartments to do more of the same. Without an experienced manager and security personnel this can get out of hand very quickly.

      Such activities tend to make people leery of all Latinos and people of color. This is so sad. My father had the absolute best care from a Hispanic care giver for several years. A legal immigrant, no one could have done more than she did, to bring him and me with happiness and knowledgeable care. Always willing to go the extra mile, I don’t know what I would have done without her. So, I beg people to look at others as individuals.

    2. We MUST, MUST, MUST remove all the council members currently and get this city back to being a safe place to live. They are the worst panel ever to sit as council members and it reflects in what’s happening to our once charming little city.
      Check out this website

  4. We need our city government to concentrate on non-partisan issues such as gang related shootings. We seem to have a gang related shooting every week!! We need to get rid of these 2 partisan council member who only cares about passing their own selfish agenda’s instead of whats good for the City of Burien!!

    These two are up for re-election 12/17 – vote these partisan council members out!!

    Nancy Tosta
    Lauren Berkowitz

    1. Alan – preach on. What we need are two solid candidates to challenge Tosta and Berkowitz. Then in the candidate forum, we need to ask what the candidates plan to do to improve the safety and security of all Burien citizens. The shootings need to stop. I am looking forward to participating in this.

    2. You need to add two more to the get rid of list when they come up for re-election:

      Stephen Armstrong

      Austin Bell

  5. A nearby parked car and building were hit. What happens next time when it’s an innocent by stander, say a young child? It is past time that we bring back the gang unit to our city. If you’re concerned about the recent up tick in criminal activity join us at the March 6th council meeting, several citizens will be there for public comment.

  6. Oh, well, I guess we’d better reduce the budget for police protection so we can provide more sanctuary for illegals.

  7. This is what happens when you don’t bother to vote & liberal progressives take over your city council…

    Fight back people!

    Take back your city.

  8. Well this is what you get with an incompetent City Council. Crime is rising every day in Burien. It costs me a lot of tax dollars to live in this city, and this is what you get. Pretty pathetic if you ask me. Wake up and hire more police!

  9. Yes – they too need to be ousted. But Tosta and Berkowitz are next up for re-election. Let’s focus on them first.

    1. Stephen Armstrong is also up for re-election – he was the swing vote IN FAVOR of Burien becoming a sanctuary city. I think he smelled union money for his upcoming re-election campaign……Maybe Burien will vote in their best interests this time? One can hope…..Any qualified candidates out there that want to take this mess on?

  10. BTown blogmeisters: Is there any followup on this story – any identification of the perps?
    Anything? Many of the blogsters jumped from one unsubstantiated conclusion to another and all i am looking for are a couple of facts. The substance and tenor of what I have read so far has the creepiness of the rhetoric of a 19th century lynch mob.
    We can do better than this – I hope. Tom

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