Each candidate running for the Burien City Council Aug. 1, 2023 Primary Election was asked ten questions by The B-Town Blog, covering topics like their reasons for wanting to serve on the council, what they think about current issues in the city, and what kind of solutions they have.

The following responses to the sixth question in our series are from candidates for Position 2, which is currently filled by Cydney Moore, who is running for reelection.

Ballots are due by Aug. 1, 2023.

NOTECandidates are listed in order as per the King County Elections online Voters Guide website. Photos and links are to/from each candidate’s profile on the same website.

What are your thoughts on the job that Burien Police/King County Sheriff’s Office are doing?

Brittany Williams

Did not respond.

Linda Akey

“I am running to be on the city council and represent the voices of those I represent so I pay close attention to the conversations we are having at the doors.  Overwhelmingly, public safety remains a number one issue for Burien residents and I will actively work with the council to ensure the Burien Police department has the laws and resources they need to do their best jobs while having the accountability and transparency the community expects and deserves.”

Rut Perez-Studer

“The police are doing the best they can with the resources that they have, as well as the different laws, policies and ordinances that are being presented. There needs to be more community partnerships and a re-development of how the police/sheriff and community organizations work together for proper response to the calls received.”

Cydney Moore

“I am proud to have a police department that proactively seeks to collaborate with mental/behavioral health specialists to provide appropriate responses for people in crisis, and utilizes diversion programs like LEAD to help steer people towards a better path instead of throwing them in jail for minor offenses at great cost to taxpayers. I also appreciate efforts ongoing in our community such as gun buyback programs, outreach and informational efforts like Coffee With A Cop events, and having a police chief that works to be accessible to the community and directly address their concerns. 

“It is notable that we have had an ongoing police shortage in our city, due to staffing issues at the King County Sheriff’s Office. As a result, our police force here is stretched thin. This is not unique to Burien, and is an issue that impacts the entire county. By expanding programs like our Community Response Team, allowing alternative crisis management professionals to address situations that may not require law enforcement involvement, and investing in community support systems, we can help alleviate the strain on officers by preventing crime, and leave our officers more time to focus on dangerous and violent crimes.”

EDITOR’S NOTE: Look also for answers to this same question by candidates for Burien City Council, Position No. 4.

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