A ‘Rally for Public Safety’ demonstration will be held at Burien City Hall on Monday, March 6, starting at 6 p.m.

The rally – intended to share residents’ concerns about rising crime in Burien – will begin at 6 p.m. outside City Hall, located at 400 SW 152nd Street.

Participants are encouraged to then speak during the council meeting’s public comment section, which begins at 7 p.m.

Organizers have created a Facebook page, which states:

“Come down to City hall in Burien and let our council members know our concerns!

It is time for a plan of action to truly take back Burien,

Rally will start @6pm, sign up to speak at the council meeting which starts at 7.

Bring the family! Strength in numbers!”

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11 replies on “‘Rally for Public Safety’ demonstration will be at City Hall on Monday, March 6”

  1. The irony of it is while the meeting is going on cars of attendees will be prowled and citizens will be harassed by those who caused the meeting. The Library “residents” will certainly be a unwelcome presence and chronic absentee L.B. will have invited the ACLU to make sure the criminal element isn’t picked on to harshly or treated poorly.

    1. Golly Catherine, good question. The blurb mentions “organizers”. Who are they?
      ” Concerned Citizens” doesn’t really cut it. Tom

      1. The good people of Burien are “sponsoring” this rally .

        We are concerned residents, taxpayers and parents that deserve a safe library and downtown core.

        It is important to let the council know that existing policies are not working in the interest of Public Safety for our community.

  2. Why did Lauren,Steve,Austin,and Nancy vote to set up a commity to study if Burien needs more police or community servive officers? the majority of the citizens have said they wanted more POLICE!!!!!

    1. Probably because the rational approach is to see what the issue actually is, not what a handful of anonymous blog writers say it is. The police are a better judge of crime and the Burien Chief of Police has said a couple more officers wouldn’t make much difference. He does, however, support the “sanctuary city” concept because it helps the police fight crime because there is less fear in the immigrant community of cooperating with the police.
      Unfortunately, fear, ignorance, and prejudice about minorities can be a powerful tool. Just ask trump.

      1. Lee – there is fear, ignorance and prejudice on both sides. Some here commenting seem to be saying that to disagree with them on immigration or sanctuary city status is to be a racist hater, or worse, a Trump supporter (horrors!). The concerns about public safety in Burien are not directed solely at immigrants in this city (at least not by me). It encompasses the homeless problem, punks loitering around the transit center and/or library area. Recent shootings have everyone alarmed. Gang activity is suspected – and we know that there are latino gangs. They may or may not have anything to do with the shootings.

        Whatever supposed benefits that might result from a sanctuary city status, there are some that believe the rejection of the rule of law inherent in this status to be far worse, long term. I have posed the question: if its okay to nullify federal immigration laws by enacting sanctuary city status, what other federal laws are fair game? And if you oppose a city nullifying those federal laws, on what grounds would you do so?

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