FullSizeRender-11 FullSizeRender-14 FullSizeRender-16 speed netwrk Ishmael + Professional speed networking Carol + students prizes Speed Network Tyee Speed network Highline HS students Speed net Evergreen students Story by Pam Fernald Photos by Pam Fernald, Michelle Thomassian & Julie Burr Recently I participated in a ‘Speed Networking’ event for 60 Highline School District 10th, 11th and 12th grade students from Evergreen, Tyee and Highline High Schools.  Included in that group were 20 DECA students from Global Connections (Tyee Campus). The event was hosted at Glen Acres Golf and Country Club and was sponsored by the Southwest King County Chamber of Commerce with Carol Kolson as Mistress of Ceremony. What an awesome group of kids who participated!  The poise and sophistication of these young folks really impressed me and it was easy to see that they are on the road to success!   I was very impressed by the enthusiasm, energy and interest of these students and wanted to share about this event, and celebrate the positive energy of these students. This speed networking session covered shaking hands, first impressions, power stance, eye contact, interviewing, elevator speeches and even etiquette.  Orlando Morales from the 5th Avenue Theatre, Director, Rising Star Project & Internships conducted overviews on these subjects and then the students and professionals mingled to role play each lesson.   (When I was in school and the age of these kids, I was learning how to make bread and put a zipper in an A line skirt in Home Economics.  Got an F on that zipper project…) Volunteering for this event along with myself were business community representatives from Embry Riddle; ReMax Junction; Cox Financial; Les Schwab Tire, Tukwila; Orion Industries; South King Media and McKay Wealth Management.   And school district representatives participating were Roderick Booker, Sydney Williams, Karly Feria, Alana Vinther and Ellen Dorr, Julie Burr and Michelle Thomassian.  (I apologize if failed to list anyone who participated.) Carol solicited closing feedback from the professionals and students and also offered some inspirational and personal comments of her own.   All agreed more events like this would be helpful and welcome!     As the students were dismissed they each received a ‘goody bag’ from the event. Keep up the positive attitudes and good work, students–you rock! I look forward to participating in another event.  Maybe next time, during the etiquette session, I will be able to keep my cheese and crackers from sliding off my plate while I am shaking hands with someone. Here’s more info courtesy Julie Burr, Career Access Manager for Highline Public Schools:

SPEED NETWORKING? Thanks to the Southwest King County Chamber of Commerce who hosted the event, 60 students from 3 Highline high schools learned how to make strong first impressions, demonstrate good etiquette, and practice networking techniques which will help them throughout their life times to get jobs, pursue careers, gain admittance to colleges and feel comfortable asking for help. Orlando Morales, who coaches actors, even helped students with their body language and powerful stances. At least 20 professionals from our community practiced networking with the students in fast rotations which we call “Speed Networking”! Feedback from the students was impressive:
  • 100% said the event helped them better understand their future career interests and plans after high school
  • 97% said the experience helped them think about school in a new way/motivated them to do better in school
  • 100% said we should offer career trips and events in the future
Contact Julie Burr, Career Access Manager for the Highline School District ([email protected]), if you would like to be part of future events or explore other opportunities- there is great need for community members and business partners to help work with students towards bright futures!

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  1. Thank you Pam! We need more positive articles and information about what students are doing!!
    Very impressed with all those who put this together and the students for taking the time to better themselves and future careers!!

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