Photo by Michael Brunk / Scene from the inaugural Burien UFO Festival on April 1, 2013. Photo by Michael Brunk.[/caption] REMINDER: You’ve got two weeks to get your homemade UFO built, and your Man/Woman in Black – or Alien – costume ready as the second annual ‘Burien UFO Festival’ is coming to Olde Burien on Tuesday night, April 1, starting at 7 p.m.! Like last year’s wildly successful inaugural event, this night will include a 3-D flying saucer, awesome Flash Mob dance, cash costume contests for Best Man in Black, Best Woman in Black and Best Alien, live music, and much more. FLASH MOBBERS NEEDED! Flash Mobbers are needed! If YOU would like to volunteer to dance, please join the Flash Mob Facebook page here. Participants are encouraged to dress up as well as bring their own homemade UFOs (and other appropriate props) to the event. In addition, exclusively for those participating as costumed as Aliens or Men/Women in Black, the Producers of “The Maury Island Incident” will conduct a photo shoot – along with a premiere of Webisodes – inside the Tin Theater starting at 9 p.m. Pending the film’s premiere, this screening will not be open to the public. WIN CASH PRIZES! Organizer John White will be giving out $100 cash prizes to the following “Bests” in a costume contest for:

  • Best Man in Black
  • Best Woman in Black
  • Best Alien
“It’s going to be another awesomely strange yet fun time with great live music, another flash mob, costume contest and high weirdness,” White told The B-Town Blog over an encrypted, NSA-proof phone line. Here’s what to expect:
  • Best Alien/Man in Black/Women in Black costume contest
  • Bring Your Own UFO contest
  • Flash Mob Dance
  • Live music from the Pink Torpedoes
  • Photo shoot of all Men/Women in Black & Aliens at Tin Theater, starting at 9 p.m.
  • Help “The Maury Island Incident” raise money for film festivals/marketing by buying customized t-shirts – just $20 each!
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One reply on “REMINDER: 2nd annual 'Burien UFO Festival' is just 2 weeks away!”

  1. Will there be designated parking for flying saucers?
    Also… With the unstable magnetic fields in that part of Burien, vertical descent and/or hovering over the crowd may be unsafe. What is the street access for driving in UFOs?

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