Over the years the Tin Ship Scholarship – provided by Danny House of Burien’s Tin Room – has allowed many local area youth to reach their goals of becoming tradespeople by supporting them through their chosen trade school.

From mechanics and machinists to builders, craftsmen and beyond, the Tin Ship Scholarship has made it possible for Burien’s young people to choose a unique path and follow their passion.

With 2020 came the pandemic, a curveball that no one was prepared for. Students learned from home and gave up many of their traditional rites of passage to make sure our community remained safe. This disruption also effected many students’ goals and visions for their higher education.

Organizers saw very low application rates for the 2021 Tin Ship Scholarship, but one applicant didn’t let the pandemic throw him off course.

This year’s Tin Ship Scholarship winner is Ronaldo Amador, a responsible student who graduated from Highline Big Picture School. Ronaldo takes his work seriously, likes challenges, and feels proud when he sees the results of his hard work. Since he was a child his dream has been to become a Certified Automotive Technician, and we are proud to be able to support Ronaldo in following his dreams at South Seattle College.

Here is a message from Ronaldo to thank everyone who made this scholarship possible:

“Thank you very much for the help you have given me, this scholarship has not only covered part of my tuition but also gives me the confidence to achieve my goal in the automotive industry. I promise to make the most of this opportunity and for the next several years of study, I will give it my all to become a Certified Automotive Technician. Thank you for this opportunity.”

“With the uncertainty facing our community as we move forward into a new normal, we at the Tin Room may alter our Tin Ship Scholarship focus to ensure a profound and lasting impact for our Highline School District grads for years to come,” Danny House said. “Rest assured, our focus will always remain on supporting our local youth to think outside the box, dream big, and build a life they love.”

“And finally, we at the Tin Room would like to say our own massive thank you to all our friends and neighbors who give so freely to support the next generation of our community,” House added.

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