SCAM ALERT: A scam alert from our friends at the King County Sheriff’s Office:

“They never, ever quit do they? But this time, these crooks dialed the wrong number!

“A few days ago, Sheriff Mitzi G. Johanknecht got a phone call from a number with a Florida area code. Thinking it was a fellow Sheriff in the Sunshine State, she answered it. But it wasn’t his voice she heard, it was a recording warning her social security number was about to be “suspended” due to some “suspicious activity” with her SSN.

“First, social security numbers do NOT get suspended. Second, no one will call you from Florida – or anywhere – to tell you that. Third, if you answer this call they will ask for your SSN to confirm it, so now the bad guys have the most important element of stealing your identity.

“Fourth, these guys are dumb for calling the Sheriff!

“Sadly, these scammers have equipment that spoofs numbers and it is nearly impossible to track them down…so it’s not like they’re going to the penitentiary.

“But, at least you now know this scam is making the rounds and you won’t fall for it! Again, social security numbers are never suspended.

“When these fraudsters call, hang up!”

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Scott Schaefer

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